Expired 4 Lug Spare Wheel And Tire

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  1. What I have for sale here is a original Ford 4 lug spare wheel/tire "doughnut" for 79-93 Mustangs. As old as it is, this thing is like-new, as I think it ever only got used once for maybe 10-20 miles (I'm not sure what the greyish stuff is on the tire- maybe gravel road dust). The tire still has the little nubs on it. I converted my car to 5 lug so I have no use for it and I'm just looking to get it out of my garage.

    $30, get it out of my garage. I'm willing to ship.

    PM me or reply to this thread.

  2. 15 or 16 inch?
  3. 15.
  4. anndd shipping to 76542, please! :D
  5. Hey man, sorry, I was out of town on business. I just checked the wheel, it's actually a 14". The tire is a B78-14 which I believe is similar to a 195/60-14. I was under the impression it was a 15" because the car was originally equipped with 15" wheels. I guess Ford didn't see fit to put the same size spare in the car.

    Do you still want it? Sorry about the misunderstanding.
  6. Hmm. Well quick question donuts having larger tire walls, like yours, wouldn't that extra compensate for the 15 inch rims i'm working with?
    Or do you remember your car's stocks if they were 15inch or not, don't want to run a not right for me spare, spares are already bad enough to drive on:p
  7. I believe that this wheel will work as a spare tire providing you still have the stock 4 lug brakes on your car. I can't be 100% sure because I know the front brakes changed between 86 and 87, and this wheel came out of my 86. You'd have to test fit it to verify.
  8. Let the air out and ship it wil helium... it'll be lighter.

  9. Get outta my thread! :fuss: Or I'll ship it to you with farts in it.
  10. Still do have stock brakes, but planning a big brake swap from a sn95 in a year or so, guess it doesn't really matter:p

    sooo shipping cost, w/o farts, helium please;D
  11. Haha OK, I'll look into shipping costs today. No farts.
  12. if anything driving on that with the bigger brakes won't kill it or mess it up really, for say. 10 miles or whatever I usually drive on a spare.

    It'll be there more of a space filler really .-.
  13. If you still have the spare I'll buy it ASAP.
  14. Looks like it will be $30, let me know what you want to do. Paypal works best. I can probably get it out this weekend.

    Since Jordan was here first, I'll defer to him. If he decides he doesn't want it, you'll be next in line. Thanks!
  15. Sorry there Krob, I'm looking at giving my car's suspension a stock look and I need the spare to match my set im buying.

    I just need your paypal Nik, Pm or email me it and i'll probably send out the 60 dollars tomorrow:p
  16. Spare tire is back on the table if you want it.
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