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Discussion in 'Mustang II Parts' started by GOvert, Feb 17, 2007.

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  1. Hey M II Guys,

    I have 4 Mustang II's that I am parting out. Many good body parts, all southern salt free parts. I have 2 pair of V-8 manifolds. I have one 4 speed that is still bolted behind a four cyl in the red coupe parts car, so there should be everything there if you were doing an auto to 4 speed conversion. I also have a C-4 V-8 belhousing, and a V-8 4 speed bell housing for sale.

    I also have a 1978 Mustang II V-8 car for sale. It has taken a few years to round up all of the original parts to put it back together. At last count, parts came off of 12 other M II's to save this one. This is a solid, salt free, Alabama car. Click on the link to view the pictures.
    1978 M II For Sale
    Call with your parts needs. 256-828-6848
  2. do you have any manual brake stuff pedals, rod, lines from master to proportioning valve
  3. Manual brakes

    I would have to say that I have never seen a Mustang II that came with manual brakes. Being that the front are discs, I don't think the factory would have made a manual brake M II, but I may be wrong.
    To convert to manual brakes you would need to purchase from a parts house the appropriate length of manufactured steel bkake lines to extend the extra 8 or 10 " that the master cylinder would be moved back. You would also need to purchase a brake pedal "pin" or post that the manual push rod attaches to.
    Mustang Steve has the pins available. The early Mustangers purchase this from him when they are converting to power brakes. You would also need a push rod from an early Mustang or Ford truck that has factory manual brakes. You will probably have to adjust the length of the rod to make the brakes function properly. I hope this info helps, and me personally would keep the power brakes on it.

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  4. looking for left side door, front and rear fenders, for a 78 coupe
    and any scoops, spoilers fender flares or cobra dams
  5. I am looking for the latches for the rear side glass. I have the pop out glass. I may be willing to buy the enitre side glass as long as the latches are not broken. They seem to break easily during removal. Please give me a price and shipping.
  6. Do you have a double humb transmission crossmember for sale?
    I also looking or a front right fender. Mine is a really rusted one.

    Sent You a letter about these.
  7. your parts that are needed

    hiya i am using parts from a parts 78 mustang then selling some of the parts you need like front fenders and the drivers side rear quarter and the driver door you need i am about an hour and half from chicago,IL and i can ship these but the door might be a lil exspensive i can be reached at 815-703-4062 Anthony :SNSign: :lol:
  8. 1976 Hood?

    Do you have a 1976 Mustang Cobra II Hood by chance?

  9. Brushed Aluminum Finish Dash panel

    Do you have a decent brushed aluminum dash panel for preferably a non ac car? Just looking for the panel around the instruments. Any help is appreciated.

  10. Parts

    Hey Guys, Forgive me for not replying sooner. I've been real busy outside now that the weather is in my favor.

    I don't have a Cobra II hood or any Cobra II parts.

    I do not have a double hump crossmember

    I don't have brushed aluminium dash panel/bezel

    I probably have a right front fender and it is small enough that it would ship UPS, PM me for the details

    I might have latches for the side glass.

    I'll check on these items as soon as possible.
  11. hood

    YES I DO REACH ME AT [email protected]
  12. parts you need

    if the coupe is the same as the hatch i have my doors still available 100% rust free still has the glass and i have the door panels available also but not included:SNSign:

  15. Hi!

    Have any good rear bumper for a 1978! My car is actually a red King Cobra.
  16. i need a rear bumper bad how much and for shipping to 61010 weight is around 45 pounds dimensions are 63 x 8 x 9 i measured this in a junk yard but bumper was toast i really need a rear bumper bad 6-16-07 found my bumper thanks for everyones help
  17. My daughter has a 1978 Mustang II which we are trying to make look decent...Do you have the exterior door trim for the passenger side? (the one which is about half way up the door.
  18. Hello, I'm in desperate need of a front sump 2.3L oil pan. Long story short the weld broke and I don't want to chance it again. If you have a good 2.3L oil pan I would LOVE to have it.

    Email, PM or leave a message here, whatever you prefer.
  19. your door

    i still have the drivers door with glass available if its still needed for you i am in zip 61010 to figure your shipping .......with glass $70.00 +ship.........w/o glass $50.00 +ship
    <a href="http://img227.imageshack.us/my.php?image=picsforebay2001qo7.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://img227.imageshack.us/img227/8817/picsforebay2001qo7.th.jpg" alt="Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us" border="0"/></a>:nice: door no longer available using for another project 6/21/07
  20. instrument panel

    i have one available aluminum driver shape not show quality but they can be had (the aluminum inserts) from mid-west reproductions for around 25 or so for a complete set instrument and pass side leave a way to contact you or we can set up a private ebay auction ,would rather just sell outright though that way i dont get any fees charged to me by ebay (98chevloves) ebay id to check my feedback since i dont come here too often just mainly mustangII.net and my name there is cobraIImeplease so let me know one way or the other just sitting in garage gettin older by the day :nice:
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