4 Point Seat Belt without Harness Bar?

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  1. yes you're correct but those belts aren't designed to bolt into the factory mounting points, the Corbeau's i posted are designed to use the factory 3-point mounting locations.
  2. It's a simple matter to add the overhead anchor point in 64-67 Mustangs, and of course 68-73 had them from the factory. A skilled shop knowlegeable in Mustangs can add the overhead anchor without destroying your headliner, too.
    Then you can easily add 3-point belts, and keep your face out of the steering wheel.
  3. Mine is a 68 and i didn't have a 3rd point on the headliner area
  4. Yes you do, federal law mandated it. Someone has covered it up. No 68 could be manufactured without a shoulder belt. However, shoulder belts were new in 68, and Ford basically used two seat belts, meaning you would have two buckles bolted to the trans tunnel for each front seat. Many "creative" things have been done over time to this oddball setup.
  5. My 68 Must be a beginning of the year car cause i just looked at the pictures of the car torn down and theres no holes anywhere for a belt to bolt down to along the headliner and i remember when i got the car the interior was complete and there was no 3rd point seatbelt.
  6. you brought this back to life after like 2.5 months of no posts. :|. but the fact is no rollbar/midbar/harness bar broken back.. i think i could live with a horrible accident with a big scar on my face rather than possibly never walking again.
  7. I have 4 point belts now and would go with 3 point for street set up. 4 point belts really need a 5th crotch belt to work properly. if you pull the shoulder belts tight, it pulles the lap belt up on your stomach. The crotch belt is needed to prevent this. Unless you wear the belts so tight that they are unfortable for a street cruise, they are not as good as a 3 point.
  8. i think i might just stick with lap belts.
  9. you don't need to mount the 3rd point on the roof, there are tons of kits that use the door jamb to secure a third point like the picture 6stang7 posted on the first page.
  10. That's why I ultimately decided to stick with 3 points ... sounds like the best compromise by far between implanting your skull into the wheel and needing to build out a roll cage and harness bar to prevent your back from being crushed with anything else ...
  11. I was watching Hot Rod TV the other day and Kenny Wayne Sheppard was building a '72 Charger and he put Chrysler Sebring Convertible seats in it with the built-in seat belts at the top of the seat. Would this work in a classic if you could get the seat mounted to the floor properly? I know my '03 Chevy truck has the built-in seat belts too, and they have worked good so far for me.
  12. I believe it's been done. You'd have to search around in the myriad 3 pt belt threads and you'll find it.
  13. I think having the mounting points on the floor behind the seat would only be dangerous if the rear of the seat is lower than your shoulders ( the stock seats would certainly have that problem). if the back of the seat is higher than your shoulders, then the belts would be compressing the seat, not your back. I have a 2008 mustang with leather seats, and I love them. I might look into seeing if they would fit in my 68.
  14. That behind-rear-seat/wheelhouse-and-trans-tunnel mount has me thinking

    Thanks! For a convertible, those look interesting. The behind-the-rear-seats mounts, I mean, for a harness. They straps could be tucked nicely out of the way . . it would help keep from having to do a crossbar high up behind the rear seat where the convertible top folds . . and be a lot safer than 40 year old lap belts. I might end up doing that. It's either that, or custom-make a removable, bolt-in roll cage for those times when I don't trust my fellow drivers or want to hit the drag strip. :rolleyes:

  15. Hey anyone know where i can get Shelby style harnesses that came in the gt350s and gt500s that goes to the rollbar without the cross bar?
  16. I ended up doing 3 point belts, after talking to a lot of people I realized how dangerous it really was. I'll get a cage at some point if I do 4 points
  17. Thats good i don't have any seatbelt and the only ones i can install are lap belts and i don't want those so i would like to get the ones Shelby put in the GT350s/GT500s that bolted or mounted to the roll bar above your head.