4 runner door handle

Discussion in 'Other Auto Tech' started by suki243, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. Hey all, I have a 98 4 runner limited. It has served me well, but i'm having a problem getting the driver's side door open from the outside. It opens from the interior but not from the exterior... any ideas what broke or went wrong?
  2. did you tear apart the door and see if anything is broke?
  3. not yet, its been too hot to work outside or even in the garage for that matter, but hopefully i'll be able to soon.
    I was just thinkin that if it was a popular part that has to be replaced ya'll might now. So i could order it and be able to tear apart the door and install the new part at the same time. However, when i did roll down the window the other day i heard a crack =\ sounded like plastic breaking, the window is fine though
  4. Yeah, it will require you to pull the door skin off to peek at what's up. Tom has become very proficient at this in his Audi. :) Being a PA bread and born man, he is disliking our California heat, Suki. I give him props for learning when to get the work done, this AM he was able to replace a coolant sensor and the front control arms in about an hour and a half before the garage started becoming an oven X10:00 am.

    I looked around the 4runner forums for ya and didn't find anything that screamed at me except normal wear and tear. Whatever the plastic part you heard could be getting in the way of the mechanical handle function. Maybe you will get lucky and it will end out being a retaining clip that has popped off.

    Let us know what you find. We're happy to help.
  5. I went to some 4 runner forums and learned how to pry open the door, it seems time consuming and i ended up going back to college for the week. I'll see if i can get it open when i go back.

    (the problem is the plastic things... they break easily... and i know that i'm gonna break one of em)