#4 spark plug woes...

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by NOSGT, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. Was checking my plugs and I ended up on the passengers side next to the fire wall... After after ten min of little success i said forget it and put the wire back on and cranked the car. Tick, Tick, Tick.. i see the spark jumping to the header, turns out the ceramic on the plug is cracked (i may have done it). So
    now the ceramic keeps breaking off and I can seem to get the sob to turn, its just so damn cramped back there... Im scared Im going the break it off or something horrible...
  2. The head for the plug is downstream of the ceramic body and should be alright. You kinda have to get the plug out anyhow. Perhaps some PB would help. Be sure to neverseize the new plugs before installation.

    Good luck.
  3. it normally cracks from not using a spark plug socket....the kind that has the little rubber inside....when u dont have the rubber inside when u tighten it, the torgue you push on it makes the plug touch the inside of the socket and put a lot of pressure on it and make it crack..i can do those plugs in about 5 minutes on mine....it would be cake if u took out the rubber smog lines...thats what makes it so hard, from what i remember anyways.
  4. I have completely broken off the ceramic from a plug and still been able to get the plug out of the head. As JT mentioned, the surface that the socket turns against is down stream of the ceramic. What I do, now, is load the plug socket on the plug and turn as I push down. This way I can feel with my hand when it catches on the correct spot. Then just make sure the socket is seated good. Attach a short extentsion (1/2" maybe) and your ratchet for removal.

    Wear some gloves so your car can't draw any blood.