4 Spd Toploader Stuck in 2nd gear???

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  1. Well I got my 65 fastback and all is going well. While I was driving it home it got stuck in second gear and is still in 2nd. I just brought her home and put her in the garage. When I add the 347 I plan to add my 5spd also but I just want to know if anybody has any ideas on why the car is stuck in 2nd. I have never dealt with a 4spd setup like this before... :shrug:
  2. It is possible that one of the 3 sliders keys have broken not allowing the slider to move backwards.


    improperly adjusted linkage
  3. My guess is that if you have it bound up inside. Not a big deal, just get under it and try to move one of the linkage bars. Push forward and back, then try the other one. One of them should move and free things up. Worn out or misadjusted shifters can cause this. Sometimes lazy shifting. I had a car that did the same thing. Remember 5 or 10 years ago at Sonoma, the nascar guys would hang up in a gear, they would pit jack up the car and do the same thing.
  4. Mine used to do this, and still does from time to time! Sometimes its just a question of wrestling with the shifter, sometimes it takes climbing under the car and messing with the linkage sliders at the shifter. Wouldnt hurt to realign them while you are under there!
  5. On your first/second shifter linkage, the tab probably is locked as mentioned previously. You will probably have to remove the linkage and get the tab off of the cam. It could be simply that the nut holding the linkage tab onto the cam is not tight and therefore it slipped. Good luck.
  6. Take a look at the shifter stops. Those are the bolts that limit the travel of the shifter 'sliders' as others have called them. If the locking nut is loose on the stop, the bolt will tend to travel and may bind the shifter in gear. Back off the stop bolt and you will be fine. Ensure to properly tighten the locking nut on the stop bolt so it wont travel again. This has happened a few times on my toploader four speed too. Otherwise, the only other problem you have is worn out bushings...which definitely needs replacing...that causes it to bind.
  7. What he did to get it stuck in second, was he shifted partially into reverse then went to second. If he'll get under the car ( I got good at this 20 years ago) and remove the reverse or second gear linkage rod, he'll be able to "unhang it" My kid didn't believe me when I told him this was possible, but after doing it a couple times, he's a believer. I have found that this usually happens when you're trying too hard to think about what gear you want. If you'll practice, this problem will solve itself and you'll be a genuine Toploader expert when you can crawl under the car in the dark without a light and remove and reinstall the shifter rods,bushings and pins just by feel :nice:
  8. What type of shifter?
    Hurst or stock factory?

  9. Ford shifters were notorious for locking into gear.

    DH...Shifting partially into reverse would assume your moving the shifter 'up' in reverse while shifting 'down' to second in a four speed. I think the shifter rod bushings are shot and are getting sloppy. I had the same problem until I changed them. Shifting a solid trans and shifter unit wont do that. Check the shifter stop bolts!
  10. My 4-speed top loader did the same thing earlier this year, stuck in 2nd after stopping. It didn't want to go into first so tried second, then it wouldn't shift out of second. Prior to this, it kept jumping out of gear while coasting. Tranny shop said syncros were bad and sliders broken. Rebuilt with all new gears,and clutch assembly, smooth as butter now!
  11. Depends on the shifter you're using, some are set up so that reverse is over to the left and up and some are over to the left and down. It can be either way, depends on how the lever bolts to the rev on the side of the main case ( up or down) With the Hurst I'm using in my Ranger's Toploader, reverse is over and up . I believe ( it's been a LONG while too) that with the stock Ford shifter, reverse is over and down. Even with new steel bushings and linkage rods and a new shifter, it's still possible to hang a Toploader between two gears. It used to puzzle the **** out of me , what I did to do it, and it wasn't until a couple years ago when I put the 4 speed into the Ranger and my kid was drivin it that I realized what took place to hang it. Every single time, it's from shifting partially into rev, then going to first or second.
  12. Well I jumped under the car and got the rods to move. the car is shifting again but also gets stuck from time to time. I think it is time for some adjustments and bushings...
  13. Sloppy Shifter

    In my old 68, that used to happen too! It was caused by loose, sloppy shift linkage. I replaced all bushings, added shims and spring-washers in all the shift rods to keep them tight, and re-adjusted all stops. It was the tightest, notchiest Hurst Shifter then, and I never missed a gear after. Also, change the gear oil while you're under there. :nice: