4 speed vs C4

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  1. what is the better choice for a drag race? i dont like automatic because they are too boring to drive and a little kid could do it, but i just wanted to know what is better. thanks
  2. the automatic is going to be far more consistant than the 4spd, and that is most important in racing.
  3. The C4 is pretty good as far as parasitic loss goes for an auto, and can be built. Like the above poster said, its also very dependable and consistent, somethign that a 4 speed isn't always, despite slightly more power to the wheels and another gear.
  4. It depends on which catergory.. Heads up or handicap. If you are racing in handicap (also known as bracket), where you race as close as you can to your "dial-in" ET, regardless of which car gets to the finish line first. This is where auto will do better cuz all you do is stomp and steer.

    If you do street legal drag racing where they usually do "heads up" (where both cars leave at same time) and the winner is determined who gets to the finish line first, manual trans will do better especially if the driver is skilled.