(4) Sumitomo HTRZ II tires in 245/45/17 for Sale in Burlington County, NJ - $250

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  1. So I have up for sale a complete set of Sumitomo HTRZ II tires in 245/45/17. Dummy me didn't check to see if the overall diameter of the wheels and tires would be okay for my current car. D'Oh! It was about an inch shorter which:

    * threw off my speedometer
    * made the wheel well gap look obnoxiously big

    Because of this I need to sell these so that I can get proper fitting tires. The tires are already taken off and are all set to sell.

    As for their condition, they are in great shape. There isn't any visible curb rash on the tires. Additionally, the tires have less than 8,000 miles on them! I only put them on to see how they would fit and handle...in total I've added an amazing 5 miles at worst to them.

    I'm asking only $250 for them - Local pickup in Burlington County, NJ, cash only (sorry I cannot ship out, it just isn't cost effective as many people know). Hurry while you can!

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  2. How much tread left?
  3. Hi sorry RJ that I'm just getting to you now. I almost forgot I had posted them on here. The tires had about 5-6/32" of tread left. Unfortunately they were sold a while ago to somebody in Virginia for a 1970 Mach 1 Resto project. I do apologize for not updating the thread in time.
    - Dennis
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