4 wheel 5 lug swap

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  1. My father in law now has my 77 Cobra II. He got the 2.3L yanked out and has a 302 in it. He wants to do a 5 lug conversion. I've done a lot of searching this morning, and found a few options. I know the fronts we can just swap in 11" Granada rotors with some GM calipers and an adapter plate, or just order 9" 5 lug rotors and be done with it.

    The rears, though, I'm having trouble finding the best solution. We want to step up to an 8.8. To me, an Explorer or Fox rear end seems like the logical choice. If anyone knows anything that would be better, let me know. Anything that would just bolt in would be outstanding, but he's not afraid of mild modifications. He's just ready to get the car going.

    Otherwise, if we keep the stock rear end (I believe the one from the donor car is an 8"), we can just order new axles from Moser and slap on some Ranger drums, right?
  2. DarkFire, I have a 78, and did a 5 lug converson. I used a Maverick 8 in. rear end housing. It wasn't a direct fit but a little mods,and it worked. I had to relocate both spring pads a little. Plus it's about a half in. shorter which helps a little. Was cheaper than buying moser axles.. The rear end was from a V8 Maverick.
  3. Yeah I read about that after I posted. I think he'd rather go with 8.8 if we can, though. It's just tough finding all the info. Mounts and such are no biggie. Just need something about the same length as the stock one. He wanted 9", but I talked him out of that heavy beast.
  4. read the post it makes sens and very clear thank you for the post.
  5. 8.8 out of a foxbody works fine its alittle longer but it works great with wider tires. I used a old article I found on the web to help. I think it was called shoe in surprise, 8.8 install in a mII. I think it was from 1989. Hope this helps.
  6. I don't think he wanted to go through that much fabrication but thank you. That's another valid option.

    I did find the scans of the article. I will forward that on. That looks like the best route for what he wants to do.
  7. I have the old article from the 80's where a Cali speed shop was putting 8.8 in II if you want it..
    that is what I used to put an 8.8 in mine.
  8. He ended up finding a Maverick donor. Any idea where I can get some axles? I'm assuming he doesn't trust the stockers at the track. I know we can order custom ones on Moser's site. Just wondering if there's a solution already there.
  9. I don't know about axle options, I used the stock ones, but I'm not going to the track
  10. Wheels are 17 x 9 with a 6" backspace front and rear tires 275/40 17 rear 235/45 17 front . The front are just a tad to big I would recommend 17 x8 for front with 225/45 . I have 1 1/2" spacers on the front and a 3" wider than stock rearend.
    the exhaust is Hooker supper comp headers summit X pipe to VR mufflers which sound like Flowmasters but where 50.00 each. The tail pipes hang a little low to clear subframe connectors and traction bars