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  1. Doug from Sutton hp is working on a cam and head package that will produce 400 hp at the wheels, with the other bolt on's of course. Thats just what the doctor ordered for the up and comming new camero as it will have 415 at the flywheel from a 6L. If we spank them with FI, they will scream foul. We need to do it motor to motor. They have us out cubed, to beat them all motor with a puney 281, now thats bragging rights ha ha.
  2. That would be nice, BUT could it last through a 3/36 or even a 5/50 warranty period? That is 455 HP at the flywheel figuring in 12% drivetrain loss.
  3. What happens when they do the same thing? Honestly, if the Z28 is putting down 415 RWHP STOCK, we're ****ed.

    I love my GT but I always wonder why Ford cant keep up with Chevy with the big engines.
  4. I believe weight will be an issue with the new Camaro so that may offset it some in our favor(possibly like the GT500 with less power:D ).
    The last time Ford was close was in the 80s when Chevy was using the 305. Although Ford never went bigger than the 302 in the standard production Fox Stang and later, we kept buying them more than the 350ci F bodies:rlaugh:
  5. were screwed ford HAS do do something
  6. I read a post from Doug at Sutton on another forum where he stated that he ''hopes'' to get to 400rwhp with this head package. I really don't think it's possible. I could be wrong, but you have to remember he said that he hopes to hit the 400 mark. I still think it's going to take higher compression to hit that mark which will cost a fortune. Right now, worked over heads with camshafts and springs installed is as much as a blower costs. Cams also cause a loss of bottom end torque and hp and you do lose some drivability at low R's too.

    Blowers and turbos are the way to go with small displacement engines. Eat Camaros too. Just my 2 cents.
  7. Like anthony said, F/I is the way to beat the "others".
  8. If you really want bang for the buck that's right. I have a hard time with not having the loping idle you get with cams. I'm 41 and all my old cars had high compression and big cams. I miss that, but I know it's a waste unless I had money to piss down the drain.
  9. we have had the upper hand in the camaro arguement over the last few years because they went out when we were on top. the 03-04 cobras were sick. but that ls motor is sick. just a cam and a tune makes those cars scary. i still like my mustang and i always will, but when we are giving up that many cubic inches and no forced induction we are screwed. who knows maybe they will make overpriced automatics again. well we could always go and get a $42,000 shelby. oh yeah i forgot about that damn dealer mark up. just my .02
  10. For 2009 Ford is bumping the GT horsepower to 345bhp, the Camaro will have 415bhp however the V-* Camaro will weigh as much a GT-500 thats a 400lb advantage to us...the Camaro will also be more expensive. Ford doesn't need more cubes, the 87 Mustang 5.0L was faster then the Iroc Z and those had 5.7L so doesn't matter. :D
  11. personally, i would love a N/A package to give me 400+ hp, and i know im gonna get reeeeal sick of these new camaros rollin up on me. :bang: i need some serious firepower soon, so i think we should get to work on a startegy to beat the bowtie guys. right now, i have some Loudmouths and an O/R Prochamber, maybe thats enough to scare them away. :nonono:
  12. Get FI, problem solved. ;)
  13. not likely
  14. Where do you see pricing for the Camaro? They have always been right on par with mustang pricing so I don't really see a reason now to up that. But lets assume you are right and it is more expensive. They have a longer/better warranty than the Mustangs. Easily justifiable IMO.
  15. The 09 mustang boys should be set as far as the camero, they will have a standard 5.0 and a 6.2 and 7 liter boss motor to rob from. Us 281 guy's need some help. Sure we can go FI, but the chevy guy's are going to scream foul on that one. Even if we don't get 400 hp to the wheels, all we need to do is to get close. A new intake, heads and cams should get us there if done correctly. As for higher compression, if the new heads are done correctly we could get a compression boost there without changing pistons. I don't know if the new boss motors will be easily swapped into our cars or if parts can be swapped, it would be nice. Since we can't count on it, we need our own plan, FI is one, now we need an all motor route as well.
  16. First really there are no new Camaro guys...it isnt for sale yet. Speculate all you want but until it is sitting at the dealer it is a pipe dream.
    Second who cares if they yell "foul" while they are looking at my tail lights.
  17. Will the new camaro have a solid axle? or independent rear? if it has IRS, gears will be very costly.
  18. Well, the Camaro may be faster than a 281 Mustang but it doesn't really matter cause those new Camaros are UGLY! They look like some crazy matchbox car or something. Now thats my $.02 ! In the meantime, I'm gonna take real good care of my '07 GTstang until the alleged 345hp model comes out.

  19. Until Ford starts putting more cubes under the hood you'll never be able to compete unless you add FI.

  20. Where are you guys getting this 300hp number from for 09? Anyone know how they plan on making the additional power?