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  1. Didnt really know about the camaro's new atributes, but my stang is going bi-turbo next year so dont really care still :D
  2. Thats the rummor mill, 09 GT will have a 345 hp 5.0 as the standard V-8. Don't know for sure about the 345 hp, but do know were getting the 5.0. 345 sounds about right for a 5.0 without FI. I could see close to 400 hp in bolt on's then throw on a pro charger. By the way, which super charger can we use that will work with our power by ford intake cover, was it the pro charger ?
  3. Also FOMOCO believes the new camero is more than a pipedream, thats why thier ramping up thier engine programs. Dodge maybe iffy since being under new ownership, GM is operating in the black and ready to regain thier sales leadership from toyota. I guess FI isn't that much of a foul, since the shelby and last cobra were FI. What do they expect from a 6L -vs- a 281, we need an equalizer. Even so, close to 400 hp with heads and a cam, new intake would be the bomb, then add FI for some serious hp and torque from a little ole 281.
  4. I just got an E-mail from Doug at Sutton hp, he informed me that they hope to release thier head and cam combo in the next month that will deliver 400 hp to the wheels. He would E-mail with the release date, also keep checking thier site.
  5. The only part that bothers me with us having to add FI to beat the new camaro's is, Its gonna be what maybe 6months if that before all the FI kits we use have applications for their cars. Then were back up ****s creek.
    There is still the added bonus that every day i wake up i still have 2 Ford V8s in my garage while when they wake up that have to look at that ugly thing that is the chevy camaro :nice:
  6. Every guy that buy's a camero isn't going to buy FI for it or even mods. So jump on the ones you can. HP is just a number, I have beaten cars that I shouldn't of if comparing numbers. You may get lucky and beat a camero stock for stock. There's alot of factors come into play and anything can happen on the street. More than likely chevy will push automatics as they do in everything, so a manual GT may have the edge there. Maybe the 7 liter boss motor will swap right into our cars for around the same price as FI. Hopefully the new mod motors will have some benifits for us as well. No need to panic, however, 400 hp at the wheels n/a is a good place to start. that would make for a wicked 4.6 in anyones book.
  7. I don't care how fast the new camaro is I wouldn't have it.

    I still can't see the average camaro guy around here driving that thing, it just doesn't look right. It still looks like it belongs at a concept car show instead of on the street.
    I think the styling is a little ahead of it's time.
  8. With the way it looks(saw the actual one in the Transformers movie at RIR last month), it could possibly weigh as much as the GT500. It is a huge car for only having 2 doors!!!!! With 400 HP, it may be the same as our cars now...stock:shrug:


    This 22" tire/wheel combo gets lost inside that huge rear flank and wheel well!!!!!

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  9. Yea, in terms of strait line performance I doubt this car is going to be leaps and bounds ahead of the LS1 F bodies when they left in 2002. The weight gain is going to cut into the hp gain.

    But I guess everythig depends on how much rwhp this car will actually have and how cheap and easy it will be to get more.

    I'm just pissed that the stang will get more displacement in a couple years and I'm eat up in this 281! I'll have to keep her a while.:bang:
  10. From what I read the Challenger is the one coming out first. This spring to be exact. I saw the spy photos with all of the covers hiding the car. They claim it's the real thing, not the concept. The Camaro has no definite release date, maybe this fall. I read this in one of the rags.
  11. That's the saleen built one right? Will the new one have IRS? or solid axle? Same platform as the current GTO?

    I think i'm going against popular opinion on that car but it is butt-ass ugly.

    I think the challenger looks drop dead gorgeous though.
  12. Yip, the challenger looks awesome. Best thing Dodge has done in a while.
  13. I agree, the challenger is the better of the 2. The GT is only geeting a bump to 5.0, that isn't that much, but every little bit helps. I can't afford a new stang as I just bought this one and this once money is invested, the 07 is here to stay. Thats why it's important to capitolize on what we have, the 281 is no sloutch and will run, that we know. Now we just have to turn it up a notch. I've raced fords since back in the 70's and we have allways been the under dogs, showing is believing. Were going to take our 281's and **** slap some camero's, not because were better (we are), but because we can. 400 hp at the wheels will take us a long way, even against camero's with a few mods and thats all motor. Guy's are working hard on parts for us, we'll be ok.
  14. Update on new heads
    I received our flow numbers this week, with stock valves the numbers are better than we hoped! The numbers are the highest we have seen yet! Hope to have them on the car and dyno soon! :nice: :D
  15. man oh man oh man... i hate GM, everyone knows the camaro is a beast lets not hide the facts....the 02 SS are beast N/A and can haul with some Supercharged cobras!!! displacement wins, Ford puts out some good number with the little engines. but i mean how an you compete with these aluminum chevy blocks putting 350hp+ NA without a single mod......lol.....its ridiculous..
  16. So we've got to go through all of that work, make our cars barlely drivable on the street and impossible to keep as a DD just to compete with the new Camaro? Doubtful.

    GM will water down the Camaro's #'s. Remember, the Camaro will NEVER be as fast as GM's sacred Corvette (at least not from the factory).
  17. yah but damn close, im sick of this, i will never dislike a mustang, but im all about hats off to the camaro,and vette... in fact once i get my school done im gonna get me a vette. to cheap,fast,and respected not too...i hear the camaro MPG is gonna be way better to. cause gm is might/ be using that 4-6-8 thing or something.....??? maybe im talking out my ass but i swore i read that...
  18. Ah, magazine racing at it's best..... Facts are no one knows what the Scumaro will have, what it will weigh, and how much it will cost. Same thing for the Charger.

    I'll take my $27k Mustang GT with a blower for < $5k more and be more than happy. :nice:

    Anyway, back on topic. If anyone can make 400 rwhp from a NA 281 3V, it would be Sutton. That being said, I still don't think it's possible. Hopefully I'm wrong.
  19. 400 RWHP would be nice from a N/A 4.6 for sure, BUT will it be reliable enough to be driven daily with no ill effects:shrug: I'd hate to drive it 30K miles a year(such as I do)and have to have it rebuilt every 1-1.5 years.
    I don't know why many are worried about what the new Camaro will do:shrug: The Mustang has already outlasted it once despite smaller engines and/or less power since the 70s.
  20. Aren't the 4 valve NMRA pure street cars making 400-420rwhp to the wheels with lots of compression and race gas? I can't imagine the low-end on that engine with 400rwhp.

    Just out of curiousity, where are you guys hearing rumors about the 345hp 2009 Mustang GT? Is the 5.0L a new block or just a stroked 4.6L?