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  1. i know a guy that has one with kooks, loud mouth slp's, and a magic stick (i think a number 4). that car is nasty. texas speed does some sick stuff with ls motors. but stock, they are fast two door grand prix. still ugly though. just dont cross one that has a big cam.
  2. Ford is going to be giving us a bigger motor, we don't have to mess with that slug of a 5.4. were going to be getting a 351 or 5.8 in around 2010. I saw it in an article from the Detroit freepress. A 6.2 for the trucks and a 5.8 for the mustang. So we don't need no stinken aussie 5.4, we'll have our own !!!!!!
  3. I really hope this package comes through, thats for sure. We need an advantage, theres gotta be an equalizer, we need something else. I'm not talkin about bottles, or FI. Surely there's somethin else we can do to get some extra HP, you know, something no one has thought of. What about boring out our blocks, how much extra do you guys think we can squeeze out if we stroke it to a 5.0?
  4. Oh that must mean it is true.......

    Do you want to buy a bridge?

    Our blocks can not be bored out wider there is no clearance. They can be stroked but only safely to 298 inches. If you stroke to 302 inches then you can get piston slap. The piston slap requires disabling the knock sensors so that affects the timing management of your car.
    Power gains from stroking are not going to be very big beacuse the amount of cubic inches added is minimal.
  5. "O yee of little faith', the 5.8 has been talked about all over the boards for a month now. Ford has to keep up with the GM and dodge offerings that will be comming out, it's just good business. The 4.6 was fine when your the only game in town, but the others will have 6 liters, so it's time to step it up.
    I just posted a thread on a 298 cid 3V stroker, it's a kit from JDM engineering using all forged stuff. No block work was involved other than cleaning, just a bolt in stroker crank, rods and pistons. With stock cams they got 352 hp at the wheels and 362 foot pounds. It's in the January issue of MM&FF mag on page 138. Not bad for a small cubed stroker.
  6. Really?

    I am telling you right now, you are wrong about the bore on these motors. You can bore and sleeve a 4.6L from 3.55" to 3.7" increasing the displacement from 281 CI to 304 CI when using the stock crankshaft. I have a Big-Bore 2V V8 in my 96 TBird and you can do this process to the 4.6L V8 that is in the 05 - 08 Mustang GT. Ford offers a larger displaced Modular V8, the 5.0L cammer, it is a Big-Bore 4.6L...
  7. If you do a Big-Bore and keep everything else stock, you will see a 30+ RWHP gain...

    If you do a Stroker and keep everything else stock, you likely won't see a RWHP gain...
  8. Been almost 3 months since this thread was started......... where are the 400 rwhp NA cars at? :rolleyes:

  9. tom, you mean you are not one of them? i have had mine for 3 years now. i dunno why everyone else is taking so long. :rlaugh:

    (disclaimer: i do not have a 400 hp NA car)
  10. With ricer math I bet there are quite a few already there. Shoot I'm at close 360hp with my mods. :p
  11. That's exciting stuff and the reason I'm not going to keep putting money into my 4.6.
    It's going to be real interesting seeing how Ford responds to the new Camaro and Challenger. Finally the Mustang we'll have competition which is good for us.

    Now give us the cubes we've always wanted Ford.:nice:

  12. :lol: :lol:
  13. With the new CAFE standards just passed, more cubes could end up just being a pipe dream. The next gt could end up being a blown V6 or something. Allways be thankfull for what you have, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!!!!!
  14. I don't think they'll ever depart from the V8 in a GT. They would lose too many customers. However, I know they are developing a TT V6 right now, I believe somewhere around 3.5L. The plans for that appear to be an optional engine for the GT. It's all speculation, but that's the last rumor I heard.
  15. Adding a V6 as an option for a GT is just as bad IMO..... even a TT or blwon V6.
  16. Well GM anouced that the 09 Z1 vette will be the fastest ever from the factory with 625 hp. They also said it could be the last becuase of the new C.A.F.E. standards. This could even effect thier plans for the new camaro. All I'm saying, is instead of yelling for more cubes, we might be lucky to keep what we have.
  17. Is there any update on this 400+ rwhp naturally aspirated combination?
  18. Actually, they just posted a video of the head/cam combo in the tech section on TMS. They said dyno results will be in in a few weeks.
  19. The vid is about new cams- make no mention of what they've done to the heads. This thread was started last September with statements about 400 rwhp on a NA motor. Have they not done it yet?
  20. When you go to the video on youtube, it also says with cnc ported heads. They have not stated yet that they've reached the 400RWHP mark, but they haven't released the dyno results for these yet with their ported heads. You would think with the right head/cam combo, along with CMDPs, intake, tune, off-road or high-flow catted x pipe, 1 piece ds (to reduce drive-train loss) UDPs, and electric water pump, it should be possible.