4000 CFM dodge Viper fan install Pics & info

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  1. Here are a few pictures of my electric fan set up.. I installed an AFCO 31x19x3 two core aluminum radiator along with the 99-2002 Dodge Viper Gen II electric fan part # 04854720AA. I was told that on low speed the fan will do 3000 cfms and pulls about 25 amps and drops to 8 amps once up to speed.. On high speed the fan will do 4000 cfms and pull about 30 amps and drop to 11 amps once up to speed. The fan is ony 4.5" thick and has 17" blades so it's a pretty thin fan when compared to some like the Mark VIII which would be comparable in cfm output. I installed mine with a 75 amp relay and have it wired to come on high at all times bypassing the low speed completely. It is wired into the low speed wire of the factory 94/95 harness and will come on at the time the low speed OEM fan would have and can be controlled via chip. I also wired in a toggle switch for manual operation if needed. The fan can be bought from a Dodge dealer for about $204 or you can buy them from PDI (305) 218-1486 for $150 if anyone is interested.

  2. hmm, me likey!!

    i dont even wanna know how you got the idea to use a Viper fan, but i really like it. thanks for sharing the info. i am surprised at the CFM vs amp draw numbers - favorable.

    thanks for sharing that. i wanted to point out that i saw a speck of dirt on the valve cover. :)
  3. :nice: looks good.

    let us know how it works after you use it
  4. yeah I found out about the fan through PDI and Diablo Sport at FFW they had a display up. I called Roe Racing who does some killer Vipers and they use them with a 3 core radiator on 900hp/1100 lbft of torque vipers with no issues. Alfredo from PDI and Willy from Diablo Sport both talked very highly of them and have cooled 6-700 hp mustangs and supras with it on the street.

    Dirt...naaa.. had to of been a reflection or something:D

    unfortunatly i'll have to wait until April/May since it's not ready yet and there's snow on the ground.. I hate winter :mad:
  5. i hear ya.

    i guess i should be happy we just get rain usually here in washington. still able to drive in the winter time.
  6. oops, my bad. it was on my puter screen. :)

    why dont you just trailer that bad boy down to my neck of the woods (or sand). it was sunny and 80* today. :)

    thanks for all the info. i have a ways to go HP wise to deserve such a worthy fan, but that is a great set up (if thinking of getting a MK8 fan, i would likely go that route instead). :nice:
  7. Ponyboy - nice pics. Why don't you lose all that antique relay control, and control with one of these? www.dccontrol.com You've got a world class fan and radiator, why not bring your fan control into the 21st century too? I've got one and they work unbelievably well. They vary the current to the motor only running it as hard as need be to keep the motor cool. MUCH less current used, no start up spikes - much more consistent temperature operation - it's just better all the way around.
  8. Yeah, I run the DCC too, and it pwns. Instead of inconsistent fan spikes, the fan is variable and keeps my motor cool all the time without drawing max power. Mike reccomended the DCC to me, and I'd never go without it.
  9. When I put my factory 94/95 fan into my 92 I will probably use that since it doesn't have a factory electric fan and wiring. Definately a nice set up. But for this car I have the abitly to control on/off settings through the chip so I decided to give this route a try. I'm guessing with this radiator and no a/c condensor or anything in front of it, that it will stay 180 all day going down the road here in Mi and only use the fan in stop and go traffic. If I find that it continually cycles then I may go to the DCC unit.
  10. Let us know how that works controlling with the chip - pretty cool. Does the chip just signal it off/on at certain temps? Or does it have the ability to actually vary the fan's speed?

    To eliminate the cycling possibilities, I'd suggest you set the chip/fan cycling temp a good 10F higher than your t'stat setting. You may also want to actually measure your t'stat (boil pan of coolant with a thermometer) to see where it opens. Mine's a good 3-4F off - doesn't start opening til 182F, isn't fully open til 184-5. If you can have the fan come on around 200F, and go off around 185F-190F you should be fine.

    I have a gauge that shows fans speed - pretty cool watching it sit at zero when I'm cruising; stop for a light and 15-20 seconds later it starts ramping the fans up; move off when the green light comes on, and fan gauge ramps back down to zero 20-30 seconds after I move up above 30 mph.
  11. yeah I believe it just turns it on/off.. Basically like you said by controlling the temp range at which the fan operates in. Since mine is hooked up to the low speed factory wire to kick on the relay, I will have him change the low speed fan settings to make the fan come on/off when it's needed. Pretty much like factory. Thanks for the info.. the DCC definatly sounds nice.
  12. Mike, where did you get a fan speed gauge? That's nasty...
  13. I don't see any pics...?
  14. Pics of what?

    astro - it's a cutom one-off made by an acquaintance who knows this stuff much more than me. We started with an old 52 mm Volvo Tach, and modded the internals and gauge face so it looks like a standard Volvo/VDO gauge (VDO was Volvo's oem gauge supplier), but it reads fan speed. One of a kind.
  15. I think he meant the fan pictures are not comming up anymore from the original post. :shrug:
  16. Maybe the site that was hosting them is having problems....
  17. Wow that's cool. Thanks for the info!

    What alternator bracket and tensioner is that?