401HP/ 390ftlbs to the wheels with just a tune!

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  1. So I finally got my car one dyno this weekend. I actually thought the numbers were going to be low, and was expecting 380. But on the third run it hit 401HP and 390 ft lbs of torque! The car is stock, with teh exception of Roush A/B (worth no real power) and an SCT tuner with a tune from Bama. Of course I was running the 93 Race tune for the pulls. The motor is so smooth its hard to believe I am putting that much to the wheels. Of course it was a STD and SAE correction probably looses about 15HP, but since it say 401HP I am going with that for my stories... :)

    A friend had his showroom stock Boss 302 and hit 406/ 378 just as a reference.

    Here is the pull.

  2. Stock 5.0s tend to be in the 365-370 rwhp range. Even if the dyno is a bit high, it isn't by that much.
  3. Nice numbers!
  4. Thank everyone, definitely happy with the numbers!
  5. Ain't mad at that!!
  6. Whats the altitude, Temp/Humid? Car made on a Tue/Wed?
  7. Yeah....give us some updates bro. Any #8 problems yet??