402 RWHP with just a K&N!!!

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  1. nice car... and good #'s
  2. there should be a rule that you cant talk about 03-04 cobras in 5.0 forums cause everytime i see these "check out my cobra" or "just got a terminator" threads it makes me wanna go buy one, which is a problem cause i dont have the money, then i say to myself i could sell my car and take out a loan... but i could never sell my fox too much time ad good memories. but DAMN i want a Cobra those cars are sick i envy you all.
  3. Damn that put down some pretty nice numbers. Good job on using HPP, they are the only shop that i will let touch my car, and i have a 5.0. I saw your car at the Ennis show saturday too, nice looking cobra.
  4. how much is insurance per month for a 03/04?
  5. lots of variables, age, company, coverage amount, how often its driven, primary insurance holder, ect.

    im 18, and pay 150 a month for mine with full coverage.
  6. damn thats not bad, I almost pay that on my Buick, liabilty only 95 bucks a month I'm 16 though
  7. Thanks David.

    Let me know when you get it running.:nice:
  8. Thanks.:)

    Well the reason I post in here is because I have owned 5 Fox's before this car and I still love Fox's. The people that have been here a while know that I used to own them, so my perspective is coming from a true former Fox owner.

    Thanks. Yeah, Manny and the guys are a good bunch. :nice:

    Glad to see he won without hitting a wall. Although, I was biting my nails watching him slide back and forth the track. 8.7's @ 134 MPH letting off was enough to have the class covered. I can't wait until he can get a good full pass, he should easily be in the 7's. :hail2:

    281pony pretty much got it. I pay a little less for mine but I am 34 years old.

    Thanks guys.:cheers:
  9. Thanks Rick.:D
  10. do you guys pay monthly or did you buy your cobras in full, im getting really bad ideas now that youve showed me the light
  11. Why do I put up with my 89 piece of garbage :nonono:

    Nice. I'd buy one but the wifey would get angry with me considering she likes my automatic 01 :puke:
  12. Thanks Kevin. Like I wasnt feeling bad enough about having slow rides. :D

    Seriously, I gotta say............. that's pretty impressive. :hail2: And it sounds like you're just sorta' getting warmed up. You haven't been going to your HP junkie meetings, have you? J/K.

    I'm going back into my cave, where 300 horsies feels alright. :bang:
  13. I pay monthly.
  14. Take your wife for a ride in one. She might change her mind.:nice:
  15. Sorry JT. didn't mean to make you feel bad...:(

    Yeah, I am just getting warmed up. This was just a baseline so I can see what the real gains are when I start modding it. It's hard to leave it stock, coming from a Fox owner and knowing how easy it is to get more HP out of this thing. I never imagined a stock Mustang that would make that kind of power with so little.
    I was happy when gaining a few HP with a pulley on my Fox. Now I can gain as much as 60 HP+ and 100+ ft lbs with just a pulley change and a tune.

    This should crave the HP junkie for a few months anyway.LOL..

    Then MR. Whipple will be the next jump....:)
  16. those are some pretty good numbers,a guy i work with has an o3 with k&n and flowmasters welded in and he put down 404 to the tires.
  17. [pssst] All the 03 Cobra guys in my car club have just started a Blowzilla craze. [/pssst]