403hp at rear wheels no super or turbo

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by geneos5546, Apr 5, 2007.

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  1. "]thats right no supercharger no turbo ]2007 gt/cs 5 speed 410 gears steeda cai sct tuner under drive pulleys short throw shifter fast intake comp cams denso plugs 103 octane tune (using experimental fast intake is not in production yet but theres one on my car thanks to my brother in law )car dynoed at 403rwhp 420 torq:lol: :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice: :jaw: :jaw: :jaw: :jaw: :jaw:
  2. That is encouraging! Can you post a dyno sheet? :nice:
  3. I' callin BS...

  4. 403 rwhp

    cannot post dyno till intake is realeased for sale, thank you
  5. a little harsh, but i do agree...only cams, tune, ud pullies and intake? come on, we HAVE to see dyno sheets to believe...i understand you aren't supposed to post them before the intake is available for sale...but a computer or piece of paper will let you type/write anything you want to on it...
  6. What about with 93 octane?
  7. not even at the flywheel.......what do you think ur dealing with an LS7?
  8. It's backwards, he meant 304 hp, right? Right?!
  9. That's around 130 HP more than stock(manual trans)at the rear wheels. The intake and 103 tune would have to account for about half of that! I would want to believe that being that I would love that kind of power while staying N/A, BUT only time will tell.
  10. :bs: Maybe at the crank, but even then, doubtful with the mods listed. Even an "experimental" intake, that's 40...maybe, and the other mods won't take you to 60.
  11. like i said guys, a computer will let you type anything you want on it...i don't think you would see that kind of improvement at the crank...hell, on the old 5.0's you had to have a trick cam, heads, intake and some other stuff just to get 300-350 at the crank, so i highly doubt the new mustangs will do it with that little bit of mods, even with a tune for 103 octane...i'll believe it when i see it first hand...
  12. you will all eat your words soon very soon
  13. Lets see how his mods add up: cai & tune-30hp
    pulleys- 10hp
    So the total is 395 crank hp, which is pretty close to the guy's numbers if he really means at the crank.

    Also I heard that people are not happy with the FAST intake manifold, so FAST is redesigning it. It took them until the 2007 model year to even release news about it,but it is not even selling yet. Now that they are redesigning it,who knows how long it will be before they finally release it for sale. Anyone is better off just porting their intake at a performance shop since the FAST intake isn't coming out anytime soon.
  14. like i said, i have to see it first hand to believe the fairy tell you are telling...sorry man, but unless you have a prototype intake with direct port nitrous injection, there is just no way...

    i figured it out guys, he has a direct port nitrous injection and stand alone fuel management system, not a bad way to spend $10,000...
  15. the title to this thread reads at rear wheels! not crank! and to the wheels, i don't believe it...he don't even have any exhaust mods, not only do you have to get more air fuel in to the engine, you have to get the exhaust out of it...
  16. interesting...

    still... a few bolt on's and a $600 125hp NO2 set up would yield similar numbers, more miles/gallon, make a better daily driver, and et's may even be lower... wonder which is a better choice??

    :p :p :p

    Let me guess, you will soon be selling them thru brother in law;)

    Good luck with set up.
  17. I was saying that the mods he had would only be able to make 400hp max at the crank. I dont believe at the wheels either. He needs LT headers,high flow mid pipe with high flow cats, and cylinder heads. The closest I have heard is someone who had 367rwhp WITH cylinder heads,cams, shorty headers,o/r x with flowmasters,cai,93 tune, and cmd's.
  18. actually im running kooks long tubes open headers,also ihave adjusted the carburator chain and drained all the blinker fluid, and put on the flux compasator rated at 223 jigawatts
  19. at least he has a sense of humor...good thing, cause with accusations like 403 rear wheel hp out of the mods listed was bound to get some ridicule...
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