403hp at rear wheels no super or turbo

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by geneos5546, Apr 5, 2007.

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  1. How can those mods you posted produce 150 HP more at the crank? Impossible. you forgot to add the 50 shot of nitrous to your list.

    And let me get this straight. You can post the FAST intake results, but not prove it with a dyno sheet? Thats total contradictory crap. dont come and post this stuff and get people excited about something that is totally not true. If FAST knew you posted their results prematurely they would have your ass on a platter, but since you did release results, you should have no issues posting a dyno sheet. and how come you dont? because you're a liar. If you cant post the dyno sheet but can post the results, I will contact FAST myself and see what they have to say about it. Ill give you 24 hours.
  2. you IDIOT! it's 2.21 jigawatts!!! duh!

  3. Show me a timeslip of the car trapping about 113 and I'll believe it. You can keep your dyno sheets.
  4. There ya go! Dyno's can be rigged to read alot higher for advertisement purposes..

    Claims denso plugs... So he must have aftermarket heads.... Hopefully ported.

    103 octane tune.. won't net a whole lot more HP than a 93 tune. Maybe 15-18.

    I could believe 370-375.. not 403..... dyno error.

    Let's see a couple timeslips.
  5. BS aside 400 rwhp is pretty sweet esp since DOHC 4vs put about the same with a nice cam package along with headwork and I think the FR500 intake to go along with it, but taht's major $$$ for these motors. Definitly much more cost effective to go the F/I route.

    But this guy knows his **** around the Mustang circles and look what he has to say about the 3v 4.6 and 400 rwhp...http://www.corral.net/forums/showpost.php?p=6571928&postcount=32 But with a new intake manifold who knows.
  6. This is directly from the Brenspeed site. This is their personal test vehicle. This car I has the same mods you mentioned and Long Tubes/TB

    "Now that our new cams were helping the GT pump out 340 rwhp we decided it was time to employ the help of the new BBK Twin Blade 62mm throttle body. Usually the stock throttle body is plenty to support a stock engine but considering the new cams responded well to the 95mm C&L Racer intake we couldn’t think of a reason to not try out the BBK throttle body. The install of the BBK throttle body only takes about 25 minutes. With no other change except the addition of the BBK Throttle Body our GT jumped to 347 rwhp and 326 ft. lbs. of torque. Just to confirm the gain we put the stock throttle body back on and power fell back to 340 then reinstalled the BBK to see power jump again to 347 rwhp. "

    Tough to believe that a FAST intake would produce 50 more RWHP. Not calling BS, but sounds tough to believe. I hope it is the case though, and if it is I would definately consider one.
  7. Hmmmmm........................no punctuation = 1 big azz run on sentence, must be a honda owner:SNSign:
  8. Does this guy work for BBR??
  9. tick.....



  10. LOL I knew someone would remember that one.......
  11. No, I think he works for Agent 47 :lol:
  12. The head design WON'T allow it. The valves cannot flow that well without forced induction or nitrous. This is BS!(403rwhp)
  13. To get within MAYBE 20rwhp of 400rwhp you would need a big cai(like C&L Racer),93 octane tune, Mufflers, High Flow Mid Pipe & Cats, UDP's, CMDP's, LT headers, aluminum driveshaft, Stg. 3 Comp Cams, Stg. 3 Livernois Heads, and lots of dyno tuning. Also instead of waiting for the FAST intake manifold to come out,you could go to a shop who knows what they are doing and get your intake manifold ported.
  14. Aren't the intakes plastic, how can you port a plastic manifold?
  15. Are we being Wenzeled? Why is it always the folks with no post count? :shrug:
  16. damn, i read like the first half of his post and though that the fast intake was finally released....guess not. any word on that anyways?? heard c&l has one in the works...

  17. What do you mean by why is it always members with no post count?
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