403hp at rear wheels no super or turbo

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by geneos5546, Apr 5, 2007.

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  1. LOL! Why would I need an aluminum driveshaft to make HP? Funniest thing I have ever heard.
  2. The driveshaft doesn't add HP it reduces parasitic loss due to mass in the stock driveline. Therefore it increases RWHP. This thread is about a specific, though unrealistic RWHP and mods like an aluminum driveshaft, back cut gears and lightweight wheels all reduce parasitic loss.
  3. Well he successfully added to his post count if that was his goal, for how technical it ended up being it might as well have been in the talk section.
  4. Wow. I just read this whole thing and by the end of it I was on the front two legs of my chair hoping that some proof came at the end. I was dissapointed. Man, if there was a way to make over 400RWHP N/A, I would put my life's savings into it. Maybe not ALL of it! But it proved for an interesting read nonetheless. :)
  5. I vote to ban him. :notnice:
  6. Perhaps not with the factory 4.6 without replacing most/all the internals. The 5.0 "cammer" or the 5.4 sure would be VERY capable:nice:
  7. I did the same thing, what a bunch of crap..

    I once got a 100 rwhp gain by changing my sparkplugs:shrug: but I can't tell you what plugs I used:rolleyes: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  8. fellas easy. max ported heads fullon race intake etc, wild cams, and i'm sure one of you will get close.
  9. i think this thread has run its course.

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