408 stroker streetable??

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  1. I am planning on buy an ATK High Performance Ford 408 Stroker 430HP Stage 1 Crate Engine HP21 from summit. I was wondering what would be a good streetable cam. Also has anyone had any experience with ATK?
  2. The specs on their site make that look like a truck engine. I mean...a 5100rpm redline. It would be a great street engine as-is, but you could probably benefit from more cam, especially if it's going in a relatively light Mustang.


    To answer the other question, I have no experience with ATK. Their description of the heads is a bit dubious. The Summit product page doesn't mention brand, which means Chinese no-name to me, but ATK's site says they're Edelbrocks, and their catalog just says "aluminum." :shrug:
  3. Okay cause a 408 stroker was 5 thousand on their site which i have looked around n that is very cheap. Do u have any advice on a nice create 408 motor. A link would be great every turn they have some joe soe who built a engine lol. I am trying to stay around 6k
  4. Woody at ford strokers is one of the best... Rick from RNH on our site also has built motors for guys on here that I have seen run flawless in person
  5. Are you comfortable doing any engine work/assembly yourself?
  6. My first recommendation would be to build it yourself and gain the knowledge and experience.If you don't want to go that route, my next option would have someone local that you can go talk to in person and build a relationship with. You also have some good engine builders up by you-

    lamotta performance http://www.lamottaperformance.com/

    powered by ford http://www.poweredbyford.com/store/

    And there are some good builders down by me

    Ronnie Wilson at Mustang specialties
    Steve Lee at Reith Motorsports

    I've heard good things about Woody and Rick. Also look at CHP. I would not buy a motor from Summit with cheap chinese parts that you have no idea who built them and what the specs are. You get what you pay for.
  7. To answer your question yes, it can be very streetable. I did a very simple combo, 10.3:1, RNH custom hyd roller cam, AFR205, Super Victor with a 750cfm Holley that made 550HP/589TQ at 5800rpm with a 2" header on the engine dyno. If we would have been able to fit his 1.75" headers on I would have expected about 20 more hp and tq. We had over 400ftlbs of tq at 3000rpm. You can do the same thing EFI as well, just cant skim on parts, big cube motors need big parts.

    If I can help let me know
  8. Hey guys

    My name is Matt I work here at ATK came across your post, and thought I could give a little input into what parts we use in the 408ci stroker part#HP21. No Chinese heads here we use Edelbrock Performer RPM heads and the rotating assemble is from Scat, we stick to the big name brands like MSD, Quick fuel, Melling to provide top quality engines. The street ability of the engine if tuned correctly will be a nice little lope at idle and great vacuum for all your power accessories. If you want more power we also offer part#HP81 408ci 480HP 495tq, with Dart pro 1 heads, little more of a street/strip engine than the HP21 so street ability is not as good.

    If you guys have any other questions fill free to ask.:SN:
  9. Back to the basic question, is a 408 street able? I see no reason why not. Didn't some old Firebirds come with a 400 as an option? 390 Mustangs? Sounds like fun to me.
  10. He asked about a particular 408. Displacement doesn't dictate streetability without all the supporting parts as context.
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  11. The HP21 we build is very street able, if you use it with fuel injection just have to make sure to get it tuned correctly.
  12. That's a VERY Good thought about the supporting hardware! It could be the difference between a dog and a new tires each week. I am still fired up about the cubic inches in a decent weight block. Quote Tim Allen here - "AR AR AR AR!"
  13. That's an awfully tame set of heads and camshaft for a 408W!?! 170cc runners really put a choke hold on those cubes and .512-lift with 220/224.....I run a bigger cam than that in my 331 and it's very streetable. Not saying this 408W wouldn't be a torque monster on the street, but there's a LOT of power being left of the table there. Probably to the tune of 120hp!
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  14. Different strokes for different folks but those parts are too small IMO for a big cube stroker.
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  15. my thoughts exactly

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  16. yup! if its not pushing a 225 or bigger head i dont see a point in doing a motor that big.
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  17. Like I said, truck engine.
  18. Thanks for the comments guys.

    This engine is built to be a great street engine lots of cubic inches, good head/camshaft package, built for someone who wants to drive their car everyday A/C power brakes, and still have the power to have fun. But this is not for everyone that why we build 408ci with 480hp and a 427ci with 650hp. We also do custom builds like 363 short block for nitrous drag car, or 347ci dart block engine for procharged:D fox body. Like Rick 91GT said "Different strokes for different folks ", and we have no problem building what you want.
  19. I would not call it a truck engine 351w in the old lightnings never made this kind of power.
  20. Like the old saying you get 2 out of the 3


    Pick your 2