408 stroker streetable??

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Paul Randle, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. Fixt.
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  2. Save your money and go fast reliably
  3. LOL. I want two doses of FAST!...
  4. These Engines Are Very Reliable Comes With A 2Year Unlimite Mile Warrenty, How Many Engine Builders Stand Behind Their Engines Like That? As Far As Fast Goes That Power IN A Good Hooking FoxBody Is A fast Comb Would Out Run The New5.0, Camaro Ss, And C6Corvette Which Are All Consider Fast.
  5. since it appears a non sponsor is pushing their engine ill put in my $.02 since I have nothing to gain.: $6k is a little steep for an engine built from a $50 block that stops making power at 5k because the top end is restricted and is running a HR that would be better used in a 302. for the same $ for that top end there are much more appropriate head/intake choices for a big windsor. its not real tough to build a forged 408 shortblock for $2500 locally. IMO no warranty is worth the hassle of having to ship a engine back if something does go wrong. any machinist worth his salt will stand behind his work.
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  6. i think atleast running the edelbrock e-205s would be a better option then the 170s just to get the larger volume of air.
  7. You guys would void it in a heart beat in my car! End of story don't even try to deny it!
    There is a reason I stick with local machine shops and builders. Even on my personal car I use local shops. If something is wrong shipping a set of heads across the country is stupid as hell.
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  8. I don’t think its pushing an engine when someone else starts a tread on a forum, has a few questions, and other members are not quite sure what parts come on the engine. Just being helpful I am a fox body enthusiast and owner too, also I never posted any prices or contact info. The block is not a $50.00 block, roller 351w are getting harder and harder to find plus all the machine work, Summit Racing sale a 302 roller stock style Ford block fully machined for $750.00. The engine is not restricted for what the engine is build for, now if you are think of peak power at 6500rpm 4500stall 4.56 gear, no power brakes wicked street/strip car, then you need a different engine. As for short block ours is $2699.00 so we are right there in line with price, and the price will not change like it can with a machine shop that finds the core block you brought them has cracks or maybe spun main bearing, and now you need another block.

    As for warranty if something happened with an engine and it’s something on our end we pay shipping both ways, why should you have to pay for it.

    I wish most machine shop would stand behind their work, but that’s not the case. Just start calling machine shops and asking about warranty, you will also find that some will fix it but you’re paying for parts. Also you better look for it in writing on their website, or receipt so you don’t get burned.
  9. I don’t know which car you are talking about, but most of our engines have a warrenty our 427ci 650hp strip engine, even our chevy 540ci 800+hp has a warrenty.

    Buy the way nice mustang in your sign.
  10. would you warrenty a motor on the bottle?

    as for the race car.. thanks man! she's a monster. 450" yates headed SBF on a few kits. makes around 950NA
  11. if he wanted to know the opinion of someone trying to sell the parts im under the impression he might have emailed or called you rather than post it on a forum and get opinions from those with nothing to gain. since you have a vested interest and stand to make $ off of this I wouldn't exactly call your opinion unbiased.

    those blocks are everywhere my friend. try craigslist. you seem to be under the assumption that no one can see a crack in a block without taking to a 'professional'. not everyone is a lowest common denominator just because they don't work in the industry. so lets just get that out of the way. and considering I said a FORGED crank shortblock for around $2500 (and that's DFW prices since I live here too) and your $2700 408 is a CAST crank and $200 more than what other locals are doing with 4340 cranks and h beams, how is that right in line on price? you could do a cast crank deal for $2k tops and that's buying everything new and not looking for deals. hell, your forged 408 is $3200 so you are either lying or don't know what you are talking about.

    ok, so summit sells garbage 302 blocks with $300 worth of machine work for $750, what's your point? dart sells unmachined real blocks starting around $1800. **** I have a total of $505 in my block, new scat crank, new SRP pistons and used scat rods for my 393. so ive got that same parts that are in your $2700 shortblock (and Im betting I have better pistons that what you use), so that's a $2200 difference. that's funny :poo:. Deals are out there so please don't pee on me and tell me its raining.

    have you looked at your dyno sheet for that 430hp 408? it stops making power at 5100. I don't know what you build big windsors for, but I don't know too many people who wouldn't say a 2.0-2.1" MCSA isn't too small for a 51ci cylinder that is all stroke. then top it off with a dual plane that flows like :poo:. but different strokes for different folks.

    the machinists I do business with must just more upstanding than those you know. I have seen one of my guys eat stuff I didn't think he should have to make the customer happy. but im sure you are the only guys on the planet that will stand behind your work. I mean, its obviously not a truck engine because you say its not, even though it stops making power at 5k and you bad mouth engines that make peak power at 6500 and seem to think that alone makes them need a 4.56 and a loose converter. but whatever. im gonna send everybody your way rather than send them to Feustel because you have your warranty writing on your website. if you start selling control arms maybe you can get a piece of all that $ people waste having Wolfe setup their cars. ;)
  12. Easy fellas. Put the pitch forks away. The OP made inquires about an ATK product and they were answered by a representative of the company. It's not like he signed up to the site for the purpose of spamming his wares, he signed up to answer inquires about his product posted by another member in a PUBLIC FORUM. Any good business person would do the same. It's nothing some of our other well known members that own speed shops haven't done dozens of times in the past.....and have been praised for doing so (I might add).

    Cut the guy some slack. :nono:

    Matt Fetbird, should you find it in your companies interest to advertise your products within our site, I invite you to contact our advertising services though drive9.com


    It's a great way to showcase you companies products and services as well as gain the needed exposure within a community dedicated to the hobby.
  13. i just think atk doesnt have a rep that ford stockers and RNH have with us here at stangnet how ever i like to build things a learn along the way so i will almost always build my own motors unless someone has a dart long block laying around ill take that.
  14. Hey how did it turn out for ya? Maybe you can pass on some advice to me with my build
  15. Dude- do you realize this is a 3 year old post and the OP hasn't been on Stangnet since?
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  16. I wanna know How have you gotten by all these years with out gaining a CT? lol
  17. Ya, only took me a few months to make em mad enough to slap one on me.
    An I no's hu u r an I is watchen u
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  18. He does that...I think his CT needs to be changed to "beater of dead horses"
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    ....... That would be a good one :D
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