408w what to put it in? read long

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  1. ok bear with me here grammers bad , hope you can under stnad what im trying to get acoss

    ok right now i got a 83 ford F 100 stepside ,you know with the wood bed short w/base.
    i been haven thid truck since 2001 i changed amlost every thing i got a hot 351w in it with edel alum heads fmx trans its got a 8.8 rear i put a limited slip in it with 3.27s i get 12 mpg hiway that suck that motor i had in it was 351w .060 over flat tops i had 10.7 to1 compression , i had solid roller cam in it with rpm intake head are edel rpme too.has headders..o cam specs where 246/256 .050.lift was .601/.588 and got 12 mpg hiway with 3.27s i tryed a 1850 holley still got 12 mpg my 3310 750 go tthe same thing

    ok i throw i rod in that motor V

    so built i mild 351 .040 over with hyd cam 204/214 .050 lift .447/.474
    with perf intake .600 carb i even took the 2800 stall out of it ..it gets the same mileage hi way 12 mpg..o the head on this motor are e7's with the exhast hump ported out..

    so i built a 408w now it on the stand ready to be put in.
    spec are
    408w 9.5to1 compressiom
    eagle cast steel crank
    sir rods
    kb pistons
    heads are same edel rpms 202/160
    intake is rpm edel
    im going to run the 3310 750 on it
    cam is another cam motion solid roller specs 231/236 .050 lif is 591./.544

    i ws going to pu this in my 83 f100

    but now i just got a 88 ford bronco full size 4x4
    its got 302 with blown head gasket whick i just changed it not finshed getting it running yet ,little more left to do.
    i did this to see if every thing working on drives good
    it got an aod trans with the transfer case.
    im new to the 4x4s

    i got a discion to make you think it should put the 408w in the 83 f100 .or put it in the 88 bronco?

    the bronco has aod i think its got 3.55 in it ,i think an aod has a .67 od. that makes find drive 2.37

    so do you think i will get better than 12 mpg with the 408 in the bronco?

    i lkie haven a bed in my 83 p/u im not sure about the bronco has for hauling large stuff?

    what should i put the 408 in

    i like the bronco cause it got more room , well back seat plus if i haul motor in the rain they wont get wet if it rains

    p/s how does the 4x4 work? it hae 2h/4l , 4h and N.

    whan i lock the hubs in the front i can still turn the front drive shaft at will . it like the ft whell arent locking up? or does the wheel have to be moving? that what someone told me? dunno?

    changing the fi to carb is no prob for me ..thw 408w in the bronco should get more that 12 mpg on hiway right?

    what gal gas tank is in the bronco?

    please give me soem tips im new to this 4 x 4 ..thanks sorry so long,i hope you can make out what iam trying to say..thanks gary!
  2. You are expecting better than 12mpg with the 408 knowing the 351 only got 12mpg?
  3. Mileage depends on more than just the motor, itself. Total vehicle weight, tranny and rear gearing, aerodynamic drag, emissions controls, etc. ...

    An H.O. EFI 302 dropped into a Box-bodied Panther car ('80's Crown Vic, GrandMarquis, etc.) might get 21 MPG, tops. The same motor in my notch gets 23 to 24 MPG - lighter car, T-5 tranny, not shaped like a brick, etc. So, it's feasable ...

    ...but I don't see it happening in a Bronco versus an F-Series truck. :D

    I'd go with the Bronco, myself, because it's more versatile. You can tow with it and so forth, it's more liveable for day-to-day driving, and it's a little better suited for off-road uses than the ol' pick-em-up truck. Plus, it's newer. :)
  4. You bet, Gary! Just because some of us are anal retentive English freaks does not mean we don’t understand tech talk with typos!
  5. thanks jenn for that good explainion!

    well i think iam going to keep the 83 f 100

    the bronco's tail gate and spare tire rattles so dan bad , it going to make me take if off beside brocnos too hard to spell to . LOOL!~

    yes my typos are bad ? what can i say ? i did make it to 9 th grade LOL..

    but i can build some bad rides. and got some too. ill have too post i link i\in my sig ,,if i can do that LOL

    and jenn iam a ladies man too LOL! youll see LOL!

    here... http://s31.photobucket.com/albums/c389/hotrodmanIII
  6. You continue building rides Gary! Something about you, a rifle and a lady = :eek:

    Glad to hear the 408 will be dropped into F150 - better match up and less likelihood of causing Dana 44 vomit!

    If you are capable of accessing a computer and building a sweetazs engine, screw the English critics, 9th grade is more than some manager and it doesn't bother me one bit.