Roush 40th Anniversary in Nashville TN

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  1. Mark this down as "What to do" at the 40th. Check the Saleen Club of America booth in the vendor area for information about the new club and the activities they have planned at the 40th as well as the rest of the year. If you haven't heard about the SCOA visit Saleen Club of America or the Central Region SCOA

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    The Saleen Club of America has a vender area which will be next to the Performance Autosport area, so between the both of us, there should be a nice little group of rare and interesting Saleens.

    Some of the list that we are looking at possibly displaying is:
    a> 1 of the 3 1984 Saleens
    b> 1 of the 10 2003 SA-20 Saleens
    c> The First 1989 SSC, Car & Driver Cover Car
    d> The 1990 SC Press car
    e> Tim Allen's Saleen SR Racecar
    f> Saleen Coupe (only a few were made)
    g> One of the last S351-SC made (1 of the 5 built on a 2000 car)
    h> Very rare Saleen Sport Truck

    You will be able to join The Saleen Club Of America, buy "The Saleen Book" and lots of parts at the Performance Autosport area, as well as check out lots of other stuff.

    If you go to the show, stop by and say "Hi", we are looking forward to meeting you!

    We will be having a "Meet & Greet" cookout Saturday afternoon. Make sure you stop by the SCOA area for more information.
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