40th Anniv 40th anniversary package option

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  1. Hello,
    I have a 2004 mustang gt with the mettalic crimson red with stripes 40th anniversary option. I was wondering if there is any way to find out how many of them were sold in 2004? I asked Ford co. I was told they had no way of knowing how many people purchased that option. I have not seen another one yet? Here is a pic of my stang. Well I tried to post pic?
  2. Wow we are very few... :nice:
  3. Yes....we are the few and the very proud!!!! :D
  4. I love the 40th... Nice
  5. I wonder when they'll have statistics for the 40th like they had for the 35th anniversary. Hell they even have their own website. :(
  6. Im just a plain old torch red :(
  7. then your not a real 40th anv.
    but your still cool in my book... :nice:
  8. anyone know how i can get my flowmaster exhaust system to sound deeper and louder??

    i have a 2004 gt, looking to get my flowmasters to sound louder, any advise is appreciated.
  9. From the following site, there were only supposed to be 5700 made total. I have a white GT with the 40th anniversary package. There is also a black version of the package.

    "All 2004 Mustangs except Cobras wore 40th Anniversary fender badges, but not every one was a 40th Anniversary Edition Mustang. The 40th Anniversary Edition package was available on V6 and GT models. It came in three colors including Black, Oxford White, and Crimson Red, which was only available on the 40th Anniversary models..... Ford made 5700 of them. The package was an $895 upgrade."


    So if 4,529 are crimson red, then the rest were white or black...for a total of 5700 total made.. I really dont think that breakdown is correct..

  10. So Has anyone found breakdown for gt models and v6 with the package? I have a black one of course and my mom passed away a month ago n left me her crimson red one. =( I'm going mod my black car with simple bolt-ons.Anyone have any ideas on what i should do...
  11. sorry to hear about that... :(
    so far on mine I have... well the mods in the sig. (no more boltons next is the Strim) do you have pics of the cars?
  12. Here in Palm Bay FL, there's hardly any of the 04 Crimson. Fine with me.
  13. when I get back to Florida I will only be a city or two over!
    Florida is teh win :banana:
  14. Where in Fl do you live? I just clay bared and waxed mine. Looks great. Except I hate that fricken wax dust that's afterwards.
  15. Cocoa Beach :cheers:
  16. Try getting a california duster....it will take off all that dust. I love mine and the funny thing is that the dirtier it gets the better it works....
  17. Sonic Blue SN 9,036

    .. I rock.
  18. Did the one you have come with a "Pony Package" that included a GT hood scoop and special wheels?