40th Anniv 40th anniversary package option

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  1. I think you could get about 5 different hoods. I have the reverse scoop on mine.Im in Colorado and see at lest six of the crimsons.
  2. the 40th ann package also did not come with a rear wing
  3. I installed a e-bay take-off on mine.
  4. we had one installed at the dealer
  5. Hey good sites you refered me to, Im a member at www.coloradostangs.com.If you didn't guess I live in Colorado. :cheers:
  6. glad to help

  7. I just bought an Oxford White 40th Anniversary Edition Mustang, you are the first person I have found on the net with the same car....the white ones seem few and far between....
  8. Its like this....there were supposed to be 5700 total anniversary cars made but only 4529 were sold by ford.....that number includes all 3 colors whether GT or V6. Don't know the breakdown of how many were crimson, black or white :shrug:...that may come out in time..... :rolleyes:

  9. thanks for clearing that up! :nice:

  10. 40TH Anniversary edition

    I have a black 40th special edition model...only one that I know of where I live.
  11. The 4529 number is BS, it is 4558. I have the build data for all **4558 Crimson Red** cars.

    The remainder is a combo of black and ox white.

    BTW - I have sorted build data ("build number") for the '04 Crimson 40th cars, 98/99/00 SVT Contours, 1995 Ultra Violet Escort GTs/other models. Unsorted (no build number) data for the '04 Comp Orange and Redfire cars too.