40th Anniv 40th Anniversary Stangers...

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by V8SRGRT, May 19, 2005.

  1. Hey ....lets find out where we are all at, what color do ya have, coupe or vert, 5sp or auto, GT or V6....

    I have a Crimson Red, 5 Speed, GT, Coupe and i am from Monroe, MI.
  2. Crimson Red,GT,coupe,5speed
    from Cocoa Beach Florida (but in the navy in virginia beach :notnice: )
  3. Crimson Red GT Coupe 5 speed, Palm Bay, Fl
  4. Black Gt Coupe.Automatic
    Crimson Red Gt Coupe.Automatic --Hardinsburg,Indiana
  5. where did you guys get that 40th avatar? we should all have that one.
  6. I would like to find out how many black 40th anniversarys they made.Anyone know how?
  7. crimson red auto riverview florida
  8. Sonic Blue V6, Automatic - Seabeck, WA
  9. Oxford Wite GT 5spd
  10. Sonic blue 40th :shrug:
  11. The 2004 Sonic Blue has 40th Anniversary fender badges, but is not among the "40th Anniversary Special Editions".
  12. Black GT w/40th Anniversary Package.
    I got it mainly because it came with the spoiler delete! :D

  13. Sonic Blue V6, Automatic - Grand Priaire, TX
  14. Hello All,

    I'm a newbie to this site. I have a yellow 2004 GT and I'm located in NJ.
  15. Me too!!!! Looks much classier without the rear wing.. :nice:
  16. Welcome to the site Newb......just kidding :rolleyes: .....welcome pm2girls/Pam
  17. Z1,V6,5speed
  18. I have a black 04 convertible, with kenne bell s/c, bassani ceramic headers, cat-back&exhaust,75mm throtle body, cobra cold air, M/T meats. Dyno #'s 484& 475 :spot:Buffalo,NY

  19. Will they ever understand? :rolleyes: Us 35th "Limited" guys have been dealing with this 4-EVER!
  20. No. Its a fight on all stang boards. When you talk to the fox body guys they can tell you every little change in manufacture of there cars. I wish people would go to class on there 99-04 Mustangs.