40th Anniv 40th Anniversary Stangers...

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  1. I got a sonic blue, convert (black top) 5-spd. im out in Sac, CA.
  2. What the hell is the difference in the packages anyway ???? I have an 04' Sonic Blue GT 5-Speed. The only difference that I can see between the "True" 40th and the others is the damn racing stripes, no spoilers (some) and the badges inside.... besides, what the hell does it matter????
  3. interior upgrade package witch included the Mach 1000, and leather, exterior it has the fold away mirrors. Help me hear I don't remember them all. really no big deals. Many of us are long time Mustang owners and if you know Mustang owners its the small things that make the models deferent. :shrug:The paint is white, black, and crimson red with the sand colored strips. I also have smoked headlights.
  4. every mustang from 2001 on has smoked headlights, that is not a 40th option. i didnt know that the true 40ths had the fold away mirrors? :shrug: hmm i thought only the cobras had those. also i thought the mach 1000 was an option i didnt know that it was a stand option on the true 40th's? thats cool though :flag:
  5. Mach 1000 is not standard
  6. The Mach 1000 was indeed just an option. Also, the 40th package came with the same mirrors the Cobras have, so yeah they are the fold-away ones.

    Links to the brochures on Brads Mustang site

    Oh yeah and: Crimson, Auto, GT, Vert. It's my dads car technically, the Fox is mine. And he decided to put a spoiler on his 40th too, I have no idea why. :shrug:
  7. sorry I have never seen a 40th without the mach 1000 installed. :(
  8. OXford White 40th Anniversary GT , Auto
    Leesburg, VA

  9. 40th Anniversary Stangers

    12@ 40th's
    1 Sreaming Yellow V6
    1 Oxford White GT

    Location: Mead Colorado
  10. Hey Goshia get on ColoradoStangs.com we have members from all over Colorado.
  11. I have an Oxford White Anniversary Edition GT.... :D
  12. NYC. 2004 gray, v6, 5speed. Just waiting for the title!!
  13. Silvermist Mettalic GT 5 Spd.
  14. Black actual 40th. One other thing is the floor mats in the 40th package. I also have a 1965 Thunderbird Special Landau, actual 10th anniversary model of that one.
  15. Now I'm super bummed! All this time I thought I had a 40th anniversary mustang but all I have is a charcoal 04 gt.
    I always thought it strange that besides the 40th fender badges, there were no other distinguishing features.

    Why would they put 40th badges on a 04 gt anyway?
  16. Because it's the 40th year they were made
  17. What pics are you wanting to see
  18. Wifes 40th..black auto GT with parchment top as well as parchment leather inside. To date 9600K'ms and not one complaint except the weather keeps the top up.
  19. It's only an appearance package, so it's not a big deal in my opinion. I personally would rather have a Sonic Blue GT than one in the special 40th anniversary colors.