40th Anniv 40th Anniversary Stangers...

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  1. Black, 5 speed coupe, I'm from Minnesota, go to school at the Air Force Academy.
  2. I have a Crimson Red, GT, Automatic, Convertible and am located in Maine
  3. Hey every one. I'm new to the forum and just got a 2004 40th anniversary with the 3.9 and 5 spd and LOVE IT! Besides being a blast to drive it's all mine (paid cash). Got some Torque Thrust 2's coming for it and I'll post pictures when I get them on.

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  4. few pics of my now pretty heavily modified Competition Orange coupe

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  5. few more

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  6. After the new wheels

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  7. Mike, Detroit burbs, 2004 GT Convertible, Crimson Red 40th Package.

    Not sure where you guys got your build numbers, the info I have says 4558 Crimson Red cars. Mine seems to fall in at about #4095. The 4558 number includes all Crimson Red cars. 4529 is the number sold to the public.

    MAC Pro Chamber (off road) MagnaFlow MagnaPack rear pipes. Alpine CDA-7897 receiver with factory woofers/amps.

    Mike's Mustang!



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  8. Hi from NJ

    I'm new to Stangnet so first I'll say hello to everyone. My better half and I have his&hers 40th GT convertibles. Her's is black and stock. Mine is crimson and I've only had it a few months. I'll begin suspension and brake mods this spring. I'm still thinking about engine mods for what is basically a fair weather driver.

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  9. Mine has the 40th anniversary emblem on the fender but how do i tell if it is one of the 40th anniversary editions?

  10. Is there a reason why you have 2 tach gauges in your car?
  11. Re; 40th

    Dear Pony81,
    If you have a 2004 Ford Mustang it is a 40th Anniversary Model, It might or might not have the 40th Anniversary Package on it. That came in three colors, black, white and crimson red and had several items which where basically "decorative". The easiest way is go push on the outside mirrors, if they go against the car you probably have that Package...There are other ways....
  12. you mean the monster tach and the one in the stock gauge cluster?? when I race I sure don't look down at the cluster..its straight ahead and I go by the flash of the shiftlite but can also clearly see where the needle is at on the big tach.

  13. Ahh I see ok just curious :D
  14. Black 40th with spoiler delete...Kannapolis, NC
  15. At least on the Fox's, the stock tach could be up to 300RPM's off of the true RPM's your engine is turning. The aftermarket tachs were more accurate. I had a 5" Monster tach on my '93 GT. Luved it. And having that tach stuck right in your face was great too.
  16. had towing xl mounting brackets and wiring installed,bought sterling towbar, and brake buddy. Just went on trip for the weekend.
    2004 mustang gt 5 speed is towable!
    works great..
    Just remember after the wiring is installed that there is a fuel pump disconnect
    switch in the trunk.
    Installer aciddently hit it and car would not start.
    Glad I remembered that! '
    All is fine now. Mustang is easy to tow dont even hardly know it is back there!
    Just thought I would let anyone that wants to tow a mustang you can do it!
    Just to let ya all know.
    I have a 40th anniversary edition crimson red with stripes
    I tow it behind my rv and take it everywhere...
    Also for got to tell ya with the roadmaster xl hidden mounting and towing brackets.
    When you dont have the stang connected to motorhome you can not even see the towing
    brackets dont hurt the way the car looks at all!!!!
  17. the only downside to that is your putting miles on the running gear unlike if you had it up on a trailer. its getting the same kind of wear and tear being towed like that as it would if you were driving it.
  18. I have a 40th, 3.9 Redfire with white stripes. Its the 2nd coat of paint but the vin# says its redfire.

    Where can I buy the 40th package rims? The ones I have I thought were the 40th edition ones. They look like the stock V6's only the're chrome...I dont get it...
  19. Do you have the "Pony Package"? That included chrome rims and a special shifter bezel on some '04 and earlier model V6's.

  20. Some place around Detroit - on Ann Arbor Road in Plymouth - sold left over Ford factory OEM parts. They had the tan GT 40th anni. Bullitt wheels for sale, $599/set. That was a while back (like 2004), saw them on ebay. For service, they must be available somewhere.

    Another place had factory painted hoods - several of the Crimson Red GT pieces - I thought about buying one to do a CDC shaker scoop mod, didn't want to butcher the OE hood from my car. Had the stripes and everything.