40th Anniv 40th Anniversary Stangers...

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  1. I dont believe it was the pony package, "2nd owner".... Yet I've never seen one with the same rims... Their not billits. I believe their 17"...
  2. Azure Blue Mach1 v8 32 valve DOHC
  3. Those are the ones. Azure Blue is hot
  4. Red gt automatic convertible :D
    Insurance is a different story :bang:
  5. WTF is this insurance BS with Mustang and Camaro/Bird owners? How many DUIs do you have? My 2007 Grand Caravan costs more to insure than my GT Conv...and I just turned 30 so that is before an 30+ geezer discounts.

  6. 04 crimson red with arizona beige stripes.. 5 speed no mods yet.. cant afford any im young
  7. Crimson w/ beige stripes for St. Louis area. Im on the Illinois side. Anyone with a crimson car wonder how it might look without the stripes? Id bet itd look good.

  8. 2007 Grabber Orange 5 speed 427R in Tennessee

  9. hey>> yeah it does thanks :) any way of finding the breakdown between GT and V6 and manual and auto.? how much does it set you back to get it dynoed?
  10. '99-'04 GT's were all rated at 260HP as far as I know. The Bullitt was initially rated at 265HP, and later supposedly revised to 275HP.
  11. is 260 hp for the automatic or manual? ^___^
  12. Both.
  13. I have the fastest 40th!!!!!!
  14. While not an official '40th Anniversary Edition', I have a black '04 GT 5 speed with tha chrome cobra wheels, O/R Xpipe and MGW shifter. Leather, 6 cd changer, blah blah blah
  15. grey coupe 5speed and i love it
  16. grey 5 speed coupe portland or
  17. black vert GT 5sp black interior Spring, TX
  18. Black, V8, Manual
    Southern Cali

    BBK Air Intake
    BBK Shorty Headers
    Flowmaster American Thunder
    H&R Sport Springs