40th Anniv 40th Anniversary Stangers...

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  1. sonic blue, charcoal grey, HSV,AL
  3. My wife used to drive a living room on wheels, (conversion van)... then the kids grew up, moved out...traded it for a Gun Metal GT. Stock, (probably built on a Wed.)...I've had this car up to 138mph......Just smoked a HEAVY 2007 GT. see ya..
  4. ive got a 40th crimson v6 automatic and i live in asheville. i love it.. its so pretty and i get so many compliments on it. it also has duals on it... no spoiler, but i like it. ive seen 2 gts and a vert in asheville too... so theres at least 4 ive seen in asheville alone. also, im thinking that im #173 of the 5700 made, if im reading my numbers right. if anyone knows for sure how to get the exact number off the line.. let me know. thanks!!! -katie
  5. Dark Shadow Grey GT Manual in Denver Colorado.

    I LOVE the 40th's!
  6. How did you come up with being 173? I'd like as much info as possible to try to figure out where mine fell in.
  7. My GT came with fog lights. I guess that makes it a 40th special edition.
  8. Brochure

    I think this may be helpful


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  9. All Crimson Red anniversary cars were built between August and November, 2003. They must have brought that new paint color (Merlot/Crimson) in for a short period and phased it out.

    If you have a Crimson Red V-6 manual convertible, you have a very rare car.

    You can get the numbers if you have an inside connection (like yourself :) ) ...the Ford customer service hotline is a joke.
  10. White V6 Conv.

    Just got her this summer, my retirement present to myself.
  11. No 2004 makes it a 40th Annivisary. its only a LIMITED edition if its crimson, white, or black, with gold stripes. You'd know if it was limited or not
  12. Sonic Blue, GT, Tampa Florida


    My window sticker says 40th package. Got badges, pedals, silver interior pieces, ......

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  13. 04 Competition Orange Mustang GT was a 5speed in the process of changing to a auto.
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  14. I have a 40th Anniv edition 2004 Ford Mustang V6 3.9 Dark Charcoal Grey
    Location Newport News Va
  15. Anyone out there have a v6 04 mustang with a 3.9 engine I am looking for a cold air intake kit all I can fine is for a 3.8 please reply stang 04
  16. Arizona Beige vs. Metallic Silver

    Hello to everyone from sunny and snowless and rust-free Arizona!

    I'm a new member with a limited production 2004 Mustang 40th anniversary special edition. It's the real deal = a Crimson Red premium V6 convertible, with a cloth top; deleted spoiler; foldaway color-keyed sideview mirrors; upgraded brushed metal interior trim and accents, including the 40th anniversary plaque above the gear shift; and of course, the medium parchament floor mats embroidered with a 40th anniversary logo.

    In addition, the vehicle has wide tape stripes on the hood, rockers, and trunk; and is equipped with what Ford calls "unique" 16" wheels.

    My question concerns the stripes and the rims. In pre-production media and brochures, Ford advertised "Arizona beige" tape stripes and wheel rims. Yet once the limited-production 40th anniversary special edition models actually rolled off the assembly line, the stripes and rims were NOT Arizona beige. They were metallic silver -- precisely as pictured on the 300 millionth Ford ever produced = a 2004 crimson red GT convertible.

    Was Arizona beige ever actually used on any of the 4500'ish crimson 2004's? Or only on the 1200 or so black and white models? Or after the media campaign ended and production actually began, was Arizona beige actually ever used at all -- or scrapped?

    Just curious...
  17. Arizona beige

    It's a subtle color. My wife and I own black(hers) and crimson(mine) anniversary GT convertibles. The stripes are definitely not gray. The wheels look gray until you see them along side a gray wheel, then the warmer tone is more obvious. I am sometimes fooled but my wife's color vision must be better. She has no trouble with the color. Arizona beige was also used as a body color on F-150 and Taurus. You may want to compare those colors to your car's.

  18. Its Dark Shadow Grey ;) same as mine!!

  19. My 2005 F-150 XLT lease was Oxford White/Arizona Beige two tone.

    Looked nice next to my Crimson/Arizona 40th GT.

    PS - Detroit might have clouds and snow, but we don't have too many illegals stealing our cars and driving them across the border. :flag: :nice: