40th Mustang Show - Grand Ole Opry

Discussion in 'Regional Forums and Event Information' started by 88GTStreetRod, Apr 7, 2004.

  1. Any Staying at the Grand Ole Opry for the 40th Mustang Show? If so, have you heard anything about host facilities? Water and hose for car washing provided by the hotel? I called the hotel and could not find anyone with any information.
  2. I am leaving on the 15th as well, probably around 10 or so. I may be driving up with a couple of guys, not sure yet. I would love to have a place to detail mine. just let me know.

    The hotel is suppose to call me back tonight regarding host facilities (Hose/Water) There are 3000 cars entered in this thing, there has to be something somewhere to wash cars?
  3. The hotel just called me, they said the speedway will have wash facilities and that the hotel would also probably have car wash facilities for the guest staying their