40th Anniv 40th Pics

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  1. What happened to the old pic thread we had of the real 40th Anniversary GT's? Do we want to start another one?
  2. Sure. Here's a start.



    And being a big fan of the 'FX' paint code (Merlot & Crimson Red), my other two Merlot cars...Merlot/Crimson appears to be gone from ll vehicles after the 2008MY.

    A 2006 Fusion SEL Manual lease that went back to Ford in September:


    And the new lease, a 2008 Taurus X Limited:


    Gotta love it:

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  3. Those other photo topics are still there, but you will only see them if you adjust your display settings to go further back in time.
  4. Thanks to the extra 40 hours a week my auto. engineering job just gave me, I am going through the 300,000 or so photos in my backup archives...found this one.

    My dad drove my '04 40th and decided to drop his plans for a Superformance 460ci Cobra (as in the old Shelby "427" Cobras). Not quite the same cars; he couldn't find a Crimson and bought a Redfire instead.

    My car has an off-road MAC ProChamber and Magnaflow Magnapacks. He has a stock front pipe and Magnaflow Magnapacks. If only I owned a sound level meter as we both revved up and down for about 20 seconds in a 20'x20' garage.

    Man, I love the painted Cobra mirrors that came on the anniversary package cars.