.410 Gears Vs. Gas Mileage

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  1. I have a 2006 GT and am going to put in .410 gears. I normally drive highway about 80 mph on average. What kind of gas mileage loss will I have? And... What is the rpm on 80 mph with the .410 gears?
  2. the gas milage loss for me wasnt that noticeble. i still get about 21mpg on the highway and maybe 17 in the city. thats taking it easy. and at 80mph you are going to be right at 3000rmp.
  3. Thats kind of what I was hoping for. Thanks for your input!
  4. wolfkiller is right on, assuming you have a manual trans. I do and I love my 4.10s, they're great!
  5. I have 4.10s with my auto trans. Still get avg of 20 MPG with mixed driving. I love the way it performs! No regrets here!
  6. i put on my 4.10's at the same time i did my pulleys and i think that it might be the greatest mod to date. i went on a 100mi cruise today and got 23mpg according to the on board computer. if i had to do it all again the 4'10's would be mod three.
    axle back
    then the steeda suspension
    with the auto you might want to think about the 4.30's. you wont notice the rpms, but you will love how they plant
  7. If this didn't turn into my DD, I may have considered them, but being I drive mine about 2000+ miles a month I highly doubt I would do 4.30s.
  8. Thanks for all the info! I will prolly get them put in next week before I go out to the track. I found a place that would do .410 Ford Racing Gears, fluids, and install for $500 out the door. The place is really good so if $500 is a little high, I don't mind because I know I will be getting quality work.
  9. i would wait about 500mi before you start beating on the car. and by 500mi i dont mean a 500mi round trip. you want some city driving in there so that the gears get through some heat cycles for the break in. not to mention after 500mi you are going to want the mechanic to look at the way the gears are meshing. it sucks that you have to pay another 50 bucks for oil and additive, but it is better then ruining the rear.
  10. If it is done correctly and you have no issues with them it is worth every last penny of $500! I believe I paid $525 for mine.
  11. anyone know how much ford dealer charges to have them install the 4:10's out the door?

    i know if u get it done by them u dont lose warrentity they dont give u **** about it.
  12. My avg gas mileage on the message center went from 23 avg mpg to 21.3 mpg since I've had my 4.10's. Not a big deal, and I haven't noticed it in my wallet. I also put over 2000 miles a month on my car with alot of highway driving, and the daily driveability of this car has not been affected at all.