1. WAS there a topic to this before hand??


  2. Shouldn't that be, We're so bad, we're good?:scratch:

    In answer to NK - Absofrickinlutely nothing!:shrug:

    In answer to the little peanut boy - 1) StD was talking about his dogs, which he had mentioned by name.
    2) I was responding to StD's statement.
    3) Oboe is NOT missing. Wolf hasn't been seen in months and has been presumed road-killed by an 18-wheeler out of Fresno. (poor pup! :( )
    And lastly - It wasn't all that funny to begin with, :nonono: and this knife's blade is sharp enough to Cuisinart your goddamnwhippersnapper ass!:D:nice::p
  3. Hell no! All the easier to hijack!:nice:
  4. Cuisinart :scratch: .......must have been before my time :D
  5. Q: What is yellow and brown and does 30,000 RPM?
    A: Peanut-boy in a blender!
  6. sounds painful, but rather tastey..... I think I'll pass. I know where it's been.

  7. I hope you're nnot planning on using my Margarita blender for this little project! :mad:
  8. Not at all! That's what the Cuisinart is for!:nice:

  9. Again I ask, Cuisinart? :scratch: Is that kinda like an......8 track?
  10. No, it's more like a record player....... :rolleyes:
  11. Oh so it's simular to a Beta-max :p
  12. Ya...except it's got sharp blades for mincing peanuts! :D