427 Windsor 460 Hp

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  1. again, more rpm drop on gear changes with wider ratio, but appearantly you don't want to discuss that so the insults ensue. yeah, it was real tough getting my bachelor of science degree without the ability to read. im done here.
  2. this is a great post. right on the money...... for example a late model GM based shop called FAST Motorsports in Woodstock IL. he has great reputation in the LS world. he did custom cam in my brother corvette, everything was legit, except for few small charges that he said were included in the quote....

    So my brother recommended them to a friend to rebuild his 402 ci ls2 for a friends show car. C6 corvette, built by spectre motorworkz, car has been on cover of couple magazines, made 500 whp. has all documents, magazines, feature articles, posters etc... FAST motorsports promised him 600 h.p at the rear wheels ( +100 more than it currently made, all kinds of crazy promises etc. red flags all over the place. i told scott to reconsider this. well the motor lasted 1000 miles of mild street driving. FAST motorports ignored him from the day he picked up his car. scott complained about the motor making noises and was told "too bad , their is nothing wrong with he motor." turns out, they gave him a fake dyno graph ( they edited the numbers on the paper) gave him wrong parts. he paid for TEA ported 235 cnc trickflows & valve componets etc. found out he had gotten out of the box 220 cast heads. also incorrectly built the motor with 13:1 compression for pumpgas & tuned the motor wrong.... he dropped off a professionally built show/multiple magazine cover car, 402 ci motor 500 wheel hp, and $9000 later picked up a car that made LESS power than before and it ran for less than 1k miles....WOW needless to say, 6 months later scott won his money back in court, and has the car at a different shop getting rebuilt lol

    the only way to be certain is to do it yourself !
  3. really what part of this post did you not understand?

    by the way i have a degree in automotive technology, AND 5 years experience racing as a crew chief. i understand how various combinations works because i worked with those various combinations trying to find the best one for our race car.

    and by the way you are working from a bad premise that a wide ratio gear set hurts with a tight converter, thats the part that is WRONG. its the converter that is hurting the combination by not letting the engine wind up like it needs to. in fact your own post indicates that.
  4. A motor with that many cubes and that small of cam and heads will recover just fine. Everything I have read says the 4r70w is stronger than aod stuff. I would doubt either would change fun factor here. There is no way I would waste a big bore stroker by putting such a small hci on it. That power can easily be made with a 347 and stock block. I would do a stock block 408 though.