Roush 427R can't break 13s?

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  1. I've been here for a while now and I plan on getting a 2010 Mustang GT when the time is financially right. I talked to a dealer and they can special order me a brand new Deluxe GT with the Track Pack, including the 3.73 gears and a 5spd. 315 hp is not enough to make me happy, and I looked into the Roushcharger, which is rated at 435 hp/400 lb-ft tq. By getting the Roushcharger install done by a Ford dealership or Ford-recommended shop, I can also grab a 3yr/36k warranty. Quite appealing...

    I've been doing a lot of looking around online, and with 435 hp, why are these 435 hp Roush cars having so much trouble getting into the 12s? In fact, ALL of the videos I've seen of these cars are videos of them running in the 13.20 range. Why is this? Do these drivers suck, or are these cars not making as much power as they're rated?
  2. With that much power, it has to be a driver issue, or the car weighs 8,000 pounds. Traction is probably the limiting factor here.
  3. I'd normally agree with you, but all of these drivers in all of these videos I've seen can't all suck at driving. I question whether these Roush cars are making their advertised horsepower ratings. At the risk of sounding like a bench-racer, the new Camaro is making 426 hp in 6spd trim, and weighs 3850 lbs, and according to magazines it is turning in times in the 12.9 @ 111 mph range. The Roush Mustangs probably weigh about 3500-3600 lbs, have 435 hp, and are running 13.20s @ 107-109 mph, from what I've seen. Given the power/weight ratio, shouldn't the Roush cars be faster?

    I normally wouldn't be that concerned about it, but I have my heart set on a new Mustang with a Roushcharger so I can keep the factory warranty. I understand there are other avenues (ATI, Vortech, etc.) to look to, but my main concern is keeping a warranty.

    My Camaro is making upwards of 390-400 hp at the crank, and I don't want to spend $5600 plus install ($1500-$2000?) just to stay ahead of it by a nose. If I'm going to throw a supercharger on this thing, it better do more than beat that Camaro by a nose; it better take it down hard.
  4. That is the M90 supercharger rated at 435hp. Roush offers the Hammer which is the GT pkg with the tvs2300 supercharger which is rated at 540hp.
  5. I can't afford to own a brand new car that won't have a warranty. Thanks for the info, but I was talking about the model with an advertised 435 hp. :)
  6. By the time you special order the GT and add the roushcharger and trak suspension, you will have the Roush Hammer (which would have the Roush 3yr warranty). When you add the roushcharger you will lose the 5yr warranty either way. Just trying to help, but you should call Roush because some of the dealers have been mis-informed, because the same thing happened to me.
  7. I'll give'em a call. I went to Roush's website and it mentioned that with the 435 hp you would still be covered under the factory 3yr/36k warranty, but with the 540 hp you would not.

    I've been to a few dealerships and at each one I visited, I've gotten a different story. They really need to know their products...
  8. Roush posted the information on their Roush Performance website under vehicles. The Roush Hammer and the stage 3 both rated at 540 hp and full warranty (3/36). Check out the Roush website or just call Roush performance in Livonia. The Hammer turned 1/4 mile in 11.8 with stock tires.
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  10. I am NOT talking about a Stage 3 or Hammer. I can't afford either one of them, therefore I do not care. I AM talking about the 427R.
  11. I was just trying to save you a headache with the GT deluxe model with supercharger. If you add a supercharger you lose your 5yr/60K mile warranty. If you add a cold air intake with the supercharger you lose your 3yr/36k mile warranty. By the time you add all your expenses, parts and etc, you will be at the same if not more than the cost of the Hammer. Since you don't care, end of this subject.

    The 427R has stock 355 gears from the factory, stock all purpose tires. If these two items are replaced, you should be able to run the times that you are wanting. Add cold air intake on 427R, lose your warranty.
  12. I appreciate the info. I'm not being a smarta$$. I just had a hard time understanding why everyone's throwing out info on these 540 hp cars that I can't afford.

    Here's what my plans were:

    2010 GT
    Track Pack w/3.73 gears
    5 speed manual transmission

    My plan was to order a car with the above options and add on the Roushcharger as a dealer-installed item so I could take advantage of the 3yr/36k factory warranty.

    To my knowledge, any item(s) out of Ford's catalog are covered for at least 1yr/12k except for things that really boost the hp rating up (like a supercharger good for 550 hp).
  13. Mine as well wait for the newer stang with the around 400hp motor at this point.
  14. Just go to the Vendor Sponsor Forums and scroll down to the Roush Performance Install. You will see the RCB, this is pictures of my install after I was misinformed by my Ford dealership about building a Roush. You can still build it a part at a time and still own a Roush. I hope this will help with your decision because I still have a warranty.
  15. As I read your plans ... and the initial question.
    My answer: you can improve on those times you're 'seeing'.

    If you want more power, that too is available with pulley changes. Warranty discussion aside. I agree that the driver is largely the 'problem' is you want to call it that. In general, 427s have dyno well within range so the problem isn't advertised HP.

    Good luck.
  16. Thanks for the info. My basic goal is to wind up with a 435 hp car and a warranty. :)
  17. A good indication of the power output on the car is Trap speed MPH. If you in the 108-110+ range which most fairly stock 427r run and have a good set of tires, good driver and practice you should be running 12.40'+-. There are lot of ET/MPH calculators out there to look at for a 'perfect' run' under perfect conditions. Your MPH range will always indicate a et range you 'could' be in under perfect conditions. The Roush Drag Pack had the stock 435HP engine with some race mods to the chassis/tires/gears etc and it was running high 11's so its more about set up to get that et down with that kind of trap speed. Remember the first 60' ways heavy on you ET.
  18. :nice: These with tuning are running the times you want.