FE Build 428 Cj Heads On A 390 Block

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  1. i have built 390s and 428s but will 428 cj heads work on a 390 block? seems like i read some were there may be valve clearance issues, i have a set of cj heads i would like to use them if possible?
  2. 428 CJ heads on a 390 block work and yield about a 9.6:1 compression ratio.
  3. Yeah, over 40 years ago Ford was touting CJ heads as an upgrade for the 390. Of course, they did recommend a piston change to raise the compression ratio.
  4. wonderfull, i picked up a set of cj heads ,they were on the motor for about 200 miles and the guy scatterd the bottom end ,they have tripple springs already and a three angle valve job had the works done to them ,i got them for freee ,i also got the intake off the motor ,it is a edlebrok f 427 never seen one before little port matching i think it will be a good intake
  5. edlebrok f 427 IMG_1255.JPG IMG_1255.JPG
  6. Good stuff! :nice: I have a 352 in my '65 Ford 250 and I'd love to build that up some day.
  7. the 35
    the 352 was a good motor for the time ,but i would build a 390 for it, beter performance parts available and a larger bore ,had a 65 f100 nice trucks
  8. Yeah I agree bigger bore bigger stroke = better, especially for a truck motor.
  9. Not much bore difference. 352 = 4.00, 390 = 4.05. IIRC both use the same block castings. Difference is in the stroke. You can simply swap in a 390 crank with a .050" overbore and have a 390 or go with a 428 crank and rods and go 406. All the performance parts that fit a 390 will fit a 352 as well. As a matter of fact, some of the early 352's had very good cylinder heads.
  10. I believe you are backwards on the 406. 390 bore + 428 stroke = a 410, while 428 bore + 390 stroke = the 406. I've recently been intensely researching as I have a 360, gas guzzling, no a$$, turd in my 69 F250. Unfortunately, except for crappy performance, it runs perfectly with no smoke, no leaks, no ticks and uses less than a quart of oil between changes! It's difficult to justify tearing into it, but at the first puff, tick or drip it will likely become a 390 or 410. Luckily it has one of the better of best Ford service blocks with the thicker cylinder walls and higher nickel content castings. I'm not looking for a race motor in the truck and certainly realize that no matter what I do, fuel mileage can't be improved much with an FE, but have been led to believe that a proper build can give me better performance without hurting the mileage. I just want a good truck motor for regular duty and pulling an occasional single car flat trailer on 100-500-ish mile round trips. Of course, on the other hand, I could turn it into an aluminum headed 406 screamer for my Mustang and just find a nice 300-6 banger for the truck!:p Back in the day they used to refer to the 406 as a "baby" or "poor mans" 427. Here are a couple interesting reads:



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  11. A long time ago, I did this. Make sure the exhaust ports fit the headers or exhaust manifolds you use. Also, I used the existing 390 rocker arms on the 428 heads and the pushrods ended up being the wrong size. Can't remember what combination caused this.
  12. my uncle had a 64 galaxie,3 duece 406 convertible. when was the last any one saw one of those? he also, at the same time had a duel 4v 406 64 hard top.the convert was going to be my first car. him and my aunt got divorced. just to **** him off she had the two cars crushed. kinda crushed me to. that would have been a sweet ride for a 16 year old.

    406s and 410 are impossible to find around here.i would love to find a 410. slap my CJ heads on it , i could go for that .410 crank is the same as a 428 . the bore is the same as a 390. you will usualy find them in Mercury`s.
  13. yeah, i believe it was called a 352 special. it had a solid cam ,cast iron headers and chrome valve covers. i heard they were good motors. i dont know what they came out in .
  14. I believe you are backwards on the 406. 390 bore + 428 stroke = a 410, while 428 bore + 390 stroke = the 406.

    You are absolutely correct. Brain fart on my part.

    "...you will usualy find them in Mercury`s." Just make sure it's an FE. Mercury had its own 410 MEL.

    1960 was the year for the 360 horse 352 w/10.5:1 compression, cast headers and factory aluminum intake. We had a '60 T-Bird but I'm pretty sure the base engine was the 300hp 352 and the optional one - which we had, was the 430MEL. That would pretty much leave just the full-size (Custom, Fairlane, Galaxie).
  15. the 410 is bassicly a 390 block (4.05) bore, with a 428 crank (3.98 )stroke.
    a factory stroker i guess. i use to buy them just for the crank shafts ,now you cant find them any more, the last one i found was in a 67 mercury marauder. cash for clunkers killed off a lot of good old cars.:notnice: