429, good or bad idea??

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  1. The arguement that I always hear is that the chebbie is 5.7 or 6.0 and the ford is a 4.6

    But why would supercharged or not matter? Ford is willing to invest some of its capital into R&D, that is why we have seen SOHC&DOHC and factory Supercharged Fords. Dodge and Chevy stay with what works...cubes.

    Think how badass a factory supercharged DOHC zo6 would be. It would be a supercar!

    I once read in the paper that Chevy has been losing customers because its in the buisness of making MONEY not CARS.

    A car is more than a product, we have emotional ties to it, its like a pet. A fast, good looking pet!
  2. lose the SC and you have a mach 1. . which will still smoke a ZL-1:owned:
    by the way, your screen name is a joke!~
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  4. OK fellas,put down the guns! Im a Cobra fan BIG TIME!! Get an 03/04 Cobra,put the KB upgrade on it and you have 650+RWHP!!:eek: Nuff said!
  5. You can make any engine fuel injection if you have the money....just tap the intake runners for fuel injecters and run a throttle body up top with an elbow intake and you're set. There's a guy here with a '65 coupe who has an '03 Cobra engine in it, but he has an Edelbrock Victor intake mated to it with this fuel injection setup on it, with a carb breather on top...at a glance it looks just like a carbed motor.
  6. That sounds so awsome! do you know his name?
  7. Nope...they were with the Paul's Automotive crew at a cruise in we had. They had 2 '65s, i think one of them is actually Paul's and has full '03 Cobra drivetrain and suspension, the other car was an open track car with a 4V 4.6. To correct myself, it wasn't an '03 engine in THAT car, but it was a 4V 4.6, just with the crazy carb intake/fuel injection setup on it but with no supercharger. Paul's car makes 500+ i believe. If you click their site http://www.paulsautomotiveengineering.com/index.htm that's Paul's car at the top, and the other car was just like it only blue instead of white.
  8. SOrry chief, i dont build crap, i own a precision welding/engine building shop.

    Heres my rundown of the motor in my fox :

    1991 LX w/466ci BIG BLOCK :eek:

    1968 block & heads, blueprinted, poked .030 over, KB 206 pistons, Eagle "I" beam rods with floating wrist pins, crank turned .010" under, 10.4:1 compression, shaved block and heads(ported and polished to hell and back). BG 850CFM Speed Demon w/mech secondaries, Hooker SC LT headers, built C6 w/3000 stall, B&M manual valve body, B&M hammer ratchet shifter, FMS cam (234/244 @ .050 with .562/.588 lift on 112 LSA), comp lifters, Full MSD ignition, Edelbrock Torker II intake (thats a single plane), 3.73s, CEE subframes, Crane roller rockers, BFG drag Rs, 15 gallon aluminum pro street fuel cell, holley pro fuel pump 140 gph, all braided SS fuel lines, mallory fuel regulator, hand made 3" exhaust with flowmaster super 40s into side exits.. Oh and electric cutouts too.

    like i said, i dont build crap.

    Others who know me on here know im not full of crap when it comes to building big blocks.
  9. How much effort does it take to put it in (466) hook everything up and get it driving?

  10. Actually if you read the thing, they both are car blocks, (yeah they actually put the 460 in cars like the lincoln continental like the one i have)

    and as for the chevy 427, all i have to say is 1969 BOSS 429.....................
  11. consistence and knowledge and time, about one summer's worth. mine was done over the course of one summer.
  12. Is there alot of fabrication involved?
  13. basic knowledge for installing goodies, no cutting done anywhere on the car for the motor/trans to fit, you can use an AOD driveshaft and have it shortened and a new yoke put on, as well as build your own serpentine setup from the 5.0 parts like i did. its a straight forward swap, probably just like dropping in a 351 but a little bigger :)
  14. As for EFI 460, how about an EFI 473 fox, my build was based off this guy's except mines carbed so my motor sounds almost exactly the same. This is a vid of the first startup of his car.

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  15. Show me any stock Chevy that will outrun a 64 Thunderbolt. Mid-high 10's at ~126. :owned:
  16. I said PRODUCTION car. The T-Bolt was built purely for drag racing. If you wanted to include specialty cars I would include The Baldwin Motion Phase III Vega.Can you say 9's!!:D But this was the car that killed Baldwin Motion by the government!!:(
  17. Actually, i believe the Thunderbolt was a production car straight out of Dearborn, whereas the Baldwin Motion cars were all tuner cars, straight from Baldwin Motion in NY (which by the way is still out there, still making cars, just nowhere near as mean). The Thunderbolts just didn't come with a warantee.
  18. True, they had no warrunty and had to be picked at dearborn if you wanted one. Baldwin motion cars "were" street legal cars! Dude you dont know. They now make 69 Camaro's,(Baldwin Motion) the new ones you can buy. They come with Merlin motors w/620HP. And have a super charged version w/ 1000+HP
  19. Heres one of them


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  20. Yeah i knew they were making cars but i didn't know about that. Actually (and some may laugh on this one) but for most of my life my dream car was a '70 BM 454 Camaro, but these days it's more like a 351C Pantera GT5.