429, good or bad idea??

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  1. I love those too!! 5 years ago I came across one for 5400 beans.The drivetrain was all redone.Body was rough, but big deal for 54oo bucks!! His wife pulled me aside and said hell take 4500!!:eek: I couldnt get up the money!:bang:
    It was legit, he had all the paper work!:bang: But about his new SC'd 69 Camaro, its 450,000 bucks!!:rlaugh:
  2. I almost had a '70 split bumper with a stroked 350/350 turbo trans...it was pretty healthy but yeah, i couldn't get the cash either. I'd say i'm definately a Ford guy but the older cars get, the less i care as long as they're musclecars :D

  3. I agree! I would love just about any 60's or 70's muscle car, hell i'd even like to have a Gremlin X (had a 360 I think) Im currently looking for a Pinto to turn drag car, I would love to have a Charger or Nova (one of the old Chevy II ones) but those cars just aren't in my price range, I'll probably end up with a Maverick which is still way cooler than a Civic!

  4. That sounds so awsome! Makes me want to put my f100 back together!
  5. LOL,,but NEVER a Mustang II :nono: Its wierd cause back in there day theu were the biggest pieces of junk on the road, you couldnt give them away. Gremlins, and AMC's in general! Well there is "one" car that will never fetch a handsome price, and thats a good thing. Because IMO its the ugliest car ever made to date!! It looks like an upside down fishbowl. Anyone wanna guess? its an AMC.
  6. AMC Pacer FTW!
  7. *Ding* Ding* Ding*, we have a winner!! :nice:
  8. I think anyone who says I'm wrong when i say that, "equally equipped 429's make less power then 460's" has got to be smoking something. That would be like saying a 351w with same cam heads and intake makes more HP then the 408 stroked version equiped the same way. If it has more cubes and it is built the same as long as it is built with enough intake air and enough room to get rid of the exhaust the 460 is going to make more power then the 429. I bet it is easier to make 600 + ponies with the 460 then with the 429.
  9. My mom had a Mustang II in the 70's, I don't think they are that bad, They would make a gnarly sleeper!

    A guy who lives near my cousin had a beat up Gremlin X 6.4L (thats what the nasty 70's color striping and badging says) sitting on his lawn with some engineless/various other body partsless f bodies and a Dodge minivan

    I want it ;)
  10. I would drive the hell out of a well modded Cobra II. :shrug:

  11. Nobody is disputing that a similarly equipped 460 will make less power than a 429, it's just that the difference is not 75-100 horsepower. More like 30 on a 600 horsepower combination. A 460 is only 7% larger than a 429. Whereas a 408 is 16% larger than a 351.
  12. It a matter of who has the most money! "How fast you wanna go? How much money you got":D Back to factory motors. Im not a big Ford guy, whats the most HP/Torque from a 429 and a 460? I know the 460 was a torque monster in the F-250, but didnt the 429 come with 375HP one year?
  13. The 1969 and 1970 Boss 429 was factory (unde)rated at 375HP. The standard passenger car 429 was 360HP.
  14. I'd go for the 460 over the 429, I've always heard "there's no replacement for displacement" until a genius at fbftech said otherwise.
  15. Me too! Just for availability. 460's are pretty popular. When was the last 429 made? 1971?
  16. I'd sell the 429 and build a 460.
  17. Give me a 427 side oiler or a cammer 427. :D
  18. While were on the subject mr anti-ford, View attachment 434764 . 427 SOHC = low 7's- low 8's. That comet ran 8.30 :owned:
  19. FYI, 429 and 460 are the same block and heads, the 460 is just a stroked version of the 429. But you can't use a 460 crank with 429 rods and pistons, the compression distance is different on the 429 pistons.

    It may make more TQ and HP than a 429, but its not a 100 hp difference.

    Everybody read this (read the whole thing) and you'll see why i don't like chevy big blocks, SBCs are great small blocks, but BBF > BBC:

  20. #2-Your comparing a BB chevy "car" motor to a BB Ford "Truck" motor!! The truth of the matter is Ford never put anything in one of its street production cars that could match the power of a 427 chevy!![/quote]

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :nonono: :nonono:

    wwwwwhhhhhhhaaaaaatttt.. ford never put a motor that would run with a 427 chevy in a car.. hmmm.. wth is a 429 boss mustang, or ford fairlane thunderbolt with a 427 FORD in it.. or a ford torino with a 429 ?? hmmm

    i think he needs to be on z28.com or ls1.com.. not stangnet.. i mean hell he said CHEVY :nono: .. eeeewwwww i think i threw up a little bit..