Engine 429, I Found 2 Of Them, But I Don`t Know What They Are Worth.

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  1. 1 is in an old firetruck and the other is being used a pump for the same fire station.
    What should I offer these guys for these? And the motor being used as the pump, will it be ok for a car?

    These are good solid running engines and I`d hate to let them get away.
  2. Now I feel stupid, didn`t know they started making them again in 1979... I don`t think these have anything in common with the old 429CJ motors at all.
  3. i would check any way .Ford sold them for all kinds of purposes .boats and industrial. there used to be several wind machines in my area that had 428s in them. a friend of mine bought most of them.they are all diesel now:(
  4. A lot of the industrial stuff had steel cranks and 4 bolt mains. Might be worth taking a closer look. Can you get the numbers off the block and heads?
  5. Honestly I just dropped the ball, I looked online and found rebuilt 429`s (not the old ones) from $2500 and up. But they all said for trucks and I bet getting brackets and stuff would be a pain. It was not for me, for a buddy building cars up in IA, he asked me what he was getting into, which is when I posted the question before I looked around.

    I`m the proud owner of a brand new cowl leak...omg!! Rained other day and had a full inch of water in drivers side floor, I am broken hearted to say the least.
  6. can you tell where it is coming from?
  7. You may get real lucky and find that either it is a leaking windshield seal or that possibly the drain holes in the ends of the cowl are plugged/clogged with debris. I've got my fingers crossed for you.
    Just My $.02,