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  1. hey guys .. maybe this soundes stupid buut...starting putting accesories back on motor "that was tore apart over a year ago" and i jsut dont no how they go hah.. i cannot find ym manual and dont have the money for one right now does anyone maybe havea good pic? i dont at all rember how to put the altanator back on .. doesnt it hok to the tensioneer somehow? same with power stearing "i delted a/c and ambuying an a/c delete kit soon so te location changes right? anyways liek i said im trying to get the stuff back on and am struggling here...any info would help thanks.
  2. p.s sorry ddn't mean to make that the title..
  3. You should be able to edit the title.

    best thing to do is to look at pictures, or find someone with a mustang so you can see how their accessories are bolted on. I'm pretty sure your 85 is the same design as 86-93 cars
  4. Look in the underhood area of the car for the accessory belt routing sticker which should give a general idea of what went where. The accessory bracket will also give up some clues. It might be worth borrowing the money for a manual if at all possible.

    Here's a link to a thread that shows the belt routing diagram (look for the stock routing).