1. hahahaha i have a pic like this that i would love to post but its at home. i will leech into your thread later. nice one

    ps-does that european girl wanna hang out?
  2. so true, so true
  3. very true my friends :rlaugh:
  4. Yeeeah. It's true. Good thing my standards are so high, and my Mom drilled it into me and my brother's heads:
    look at the girl's Mom, because after she gets pregnant, that is what she's going to look like.
    So, if you did'nt hear it from your parental units-YOU HEARD IT HERE!

    (Yes, I am shallow; when it comes to women's looks: one of my worst personality flaws! )
  5. lol One morning my EX wife looked dead up like her mom, I had to get out of bed and leave the house. Her mom is not a good looking woman lol.
  6. Haha, that sir, is comedy at it's finest.