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  1. What are the prices of the new 05 mustangs? Like the GTs?
  2. Ford has not announced pricing yet but it's supposed to be only slightly higher than the '04s.
  3. If the GTs are as much as 04 GTs that will be frickin awesome. arent the 05 GTs have better engines that the 04 Cobras?
  4. NO!!!!!!!
  5. The '05 GTs have better engines than the '04 GTs. Ford is claiming the GTs will equivalent performance to the '04 Mach 1s.
  6. i hate when new threads are started by people who have never read an old thread on here they need to look around before posting
  7. From a previous post:

    I just spoke to...one of the Sales Managers at Galpin Ford. He guessed that they will be priced about $1500 over their '04 counterparts.
  8. The ONLY official info. from Ford has been that the V6 will start under $20K and the GT will start out around $25K. But with the 1st official production 2005 Mustang rolling off the assembly line tomorrow (Tues Sept 7) I'd guess that Ford will give us the prices very soon.

    Power wise, the 05 GT V8 will be almost as good as the 99 - 01 Cobra and 03 - 04 Mach 1 engines, but it will run on regular gas and weigh about 60 lb. less.