Progress Thread 4bbl Carb For '66 Gt 289

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  1. Hi All...
    My first post... I have a '65 GT Fastback 289 A/C, Pwr Steering, Automatic...
    My Holley is too big and want to go back to OEM/Original period. I believe 1.08 venturi is (480CFM) .
    I see a 1.08 4BBL for sale but has code of C6SF A.
    Owner said it's for a 390 engine... Would this still run good on my car??
    Thanks Richie
  2. yes it will run fine on your engine, though it might be a bit rich since the 390 likely uses larger main jets. not a big deal though, you just need to get some smaller jets and swap them in place. but before tuning the carb, run it first.
  3. OK Thank you for your help!!
  4. its been a long time, but as i recall, if you cant find ford jets for the carb, i believe holley jets will fit nicely, but i think they have a different nomenclature regarding jet sizing. but it has been about 25 years since i dealt with one in tuning.
  5. a GT with a slushbox would be a GTA
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