Drivetrain 4cyl T5 In A 94 5.0

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by zZsKyZz, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. I grabbed a T5 off craigslist along with the clutch fork and bellhousing. I was able to find a pilot bearing that fit in the crank and around the shaft of the trans, but now when I go to slide the trans into the bellhousing/engine it sticks out by about 1/4". I've tried wiggling it, twisting it, and such for a good hour. I've even put the first few threads of the bolts in by hand and tried to guide it in, no luck. Is it possible that the trans is too long? Different size input shaft?

    I see some people are running a 4cyl trans, did you guys have any issues?
  2. Isn't the input shaft a diff length?
  3. I gather it's a problem with the pilot bearing.

  4. That was my thought. I purchased a pilot bearing [actually, it was made to fit a diesel ranger] and it fit perfectly around the input shaft and also fit inside the crankshaft. It has the same outer diameter as the pilot bearing for the v8 T5 and same inside diameter as the pilot bearing for the 4cyl T5. I also tested it on the output shaft before putting it into the crank, it fit perfectly.