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  1. Hi y'all!! Name is Jason from SC and I have a 83 notch I have in the stable. Just looking to learn, help and possibly make some new friends.
  2. Welcome to stangnet
    Check out the fox forums, post some pics too, not many square light cars around these days,
    What are your plans for it?
  3. Well as of now I am in the parts gathering phase; so far I have got a stash of Ron Francis wiring that's ready to be installed, currently gathering motor parts for a GT40 EFI motor build. I want a overall sharp, quick daily driver.
  4. You can start a thread in the fox forums to document your work.
    We like efi.
    Or carbs
    And some like beer but they have to have strange names :jester:
  5. Welcome to Stangnet.

    I personally love the ‘83-‘84 models:nice:

    Post a picture or two for us like JR mentioned.

    The ‘79-‘95 subforums are the place for you. Lots of good guys there with a bunch of knowledge.

    It’s good to have you with us.