Expired 4lug Sc Style Wheels 17x8 With 4 Tires

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  1. I am selling these wheels because they are 4 lug and I am switching to a 5 lug setup. All 4 are in good shape. One wheel has a scuff mark near the lip that's probably 3 inches long.

    Set of 4, 4 lug, 17x8 SC Style Wheels. Come mounted with 4 Falken Azenis RT-615 tires at 245/45 R17. I can remove the tires and sell just the wheels if interested. Tires are 2 years old and have roughly 15% tire life depending on how you drive and your use for them. They are DOT legal. I would not recommend these tires for prolonged street use however as there is not much tread left, some track use would be more preferred.

    I used this set of wheels strictly for autocross. I won 'E' Street Prepared class in local SCCA Solo with this combo on my 86 GT. If you're looking for a decent autocross tire, and/or a very high performance street tire, these are it. Check wheel and tire size options on your vehicle before purchasing these. During extremely hard cornering the front tires would slightly rub on the inside. Normal street driving would not be an issue, however I did not drive them much on the street, only too and from events.

    Asking $400 w/ tires, $300 for just the wheels. SC wheel.jpg 1125111333b.jpg 1125111334.jpg 1125111333.jpg
  2. Please post city/state of item location
  3. Ahh yeah should have put thatin there. Binghamton, NY
  4. Any pictures on the car?
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