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  1. B&M console Hammer Ratchet Shifter P/N: 81001 for '94-00 Mustang. Excellent condition. Drove with it installed for about two months before converting to T5. A lot of fun, comfortable and functional with lighted gear indicator and OD lockout button. Nice clean install in my '98 but obviously cannot use with a T5.
    $199.95 from Summit / $223.00 from B&M / $120.00 shipped to lower 48 from me.

    TCI P/N: 43800 natural finish deep aluminum transmission pan for 4R70W with cooling fins, extra 2 quart capacity and magnetic drain plug. This one was only on the car for 2 weeks prior to the swap. Still have original box I will ship it in. Sells on Summit for $176.95 with gasket and filter - $100.00 shipped to lower 48 without gasket and filter (will put them in the box but I personally would not use a stranger's used gasket or filter). New filter and gasket can be bought from summit for $21.95.
  2. Nobody wants to buy? I thought the prices were fair - you can't tell either have been used. How about a trade?
    I could use some caster/camber plates. What you got?
  3. I'm kinda interested in the shifter, how was the install process and do you have any pics from when it was installed?
  4. Goes in easy and looks like a factory set up with a much nicer handle. Has a illuminated gear indicator on the driver's side and an overdrive lockout button on the passenger side. I still have the factory console parts so I can set them together and take a pic.
  5. pm me your e-mail address - I have apparently exceeded my quota for pictures on the site....
  6. Scratch that - go to my albums - I added a couple pics of the shifter with the factory bezel so you could get an idea of how it looks.
  7. SOLD
    Thanks stangnet!
  8. Also have:
    4R70W - AODE with all electronics from a '98 Mustang GT. 85K miles. Replaced because trans was slipping due to low line pressure. Turned out to be a computer problem. Pulled pump to inspect forward clutch assembly. Clutches look okay, there are a few small heat marks on the steels. I would replace. Comes with stock converter. I would consider it a core with all electronics but you can do a quick run through and drive. $100 plus the ride.

    4R70W - AODE with all electronics - performance build with shift kit and 3000 stall. Put this in to replace the trans above and had the same problem. Had to drive for a couple weeks until I got my T5. Ran good (had to rev to 1500 to 1700 before it would build enough line pressure in first gear but would stay engaged and up shift and downshift as long as rpms stayed above 1000), very firm shifts. Wanted a stick anyway so this was my excuse. This was originally a '97 Mustang trans so I had to buy some new sensors that will come with it. I have not gone inside to inspect clutches after pulling it. Could be some wear - you may want to check inside. Again, since I have not run it in months or inspected internals since pulling, I would consider this a very nice, clean core with a stall and new sensors. You can likely install and drive but since I cannot verify clutch condition, priced as core. $200.00 plus the ride

    Auto pedal assembly, wiring harness, extra black shift console piece, shifter cable - make offer.

    Also open to trades. What you got for a '98 GT? I can get some of the best numbers & work something out on the freight.

    Can e-mail pics
  9. here is one of both transmissions

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