Drivetrain 4r70w Trouble

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by bammathis, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. I have a 1997 gt in oh which the engine jus got rebuilt. When I got the car back the shop installed MLPS wrong. Now that that is fixed here's the issue.

    1) car won't shift 1-2 properly. In D it wants to over rev like crazy. Then when I let off the gas a little and drop the rpms it shifts. This doesn't happen when I manually shift 1-2. Beyond that all other gears work fine until......

    2) in 3-4 + OD when I gun it it seems to get no power and rev high then again when I let off it catches. Only in WOT though does it do this.

    So anyone have any idea? I jus got back home from Afghanistan to find the engine stuck (that's why it was replaced) and now I don't want to do the same to the trans.
  2. Did the transmission work before the motor swap?

    Any DTC codes?

    Why did the shop have to work on the MLPS? Because honestly it would seem to me that the MLPS is not fixed or the MLPS isn't adjusted correctly.
  3. Yes the trans was fine before the swap and I should add it worked up to 5 days after the swap too. I went to work and back home then came out and it was acting like this and has been since. No codes when I ran a OBII on it. And I checked the mlps and he installed it correct this time. The lines are perfectly inline.
  4. He also replaced the mlps with a brand new one.