4th annual NW SN meet

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  1. It will be a month later this yr then in yrs past to allow the weather to be a little better (I hope). It will be at All Ford Performance in Vancouver again this yr. Date is Saturday May 6th starting at 10am and will last till around 3pm. A cruise up through Chelatchee Prairie and back down through Woodland will follow after the meet. Late night Drags are open this date as well so many of you may want to attend this after the cruise.

    Things that are in the works are: BBQ, Rick Blair productions with models, and possible 5.0 magazine and/or Modified Mustangs magazine rep. More info to follow as things become confirmed.

    Bring your camera's, and all are welcome. Again, this is a Free event, so hope to see a ton of cars this yr. We will have a more controlled parking atmosphere this yr.

    Any questions, please PM me. Address can be found using Mapquest for those coming from out of town/state.
  2. sounds fun. Any entry fees etc?
  3. I'm there this year. Should we bring anything? (food/drinks etc.) or just show up?
  4. Damn it!!! I'll be in Vegas that weekend!!! Grrrrrrr!!!! :bang:

    Cory...Change the date!!!
  5. yeah change it! i get out of school here the week before so im gone. oh well
  6. week after my b-day, i'll put in for the day off. should be a blast :D
  7. Again, this is a Free event. peace

  8. ill come to look/ meet members seince i dont have a stang at the moment.
  9. I'll be there with one or the other!
  10. hmm, I am hoping to make this one since I missed last years.
  11. will you have the cobra done by then? see ya there will and everyone else. peace

  12. Ill be there !!!!


  13. Well I should have the engine back anytime now:shrug: The SN 94-95 TTI Race kit is already payed for, just waiting to be fabricated onto my car. I have the transmission ready, just need to buy a stall converter, which I will be doing on monday. After that all I need is to redo the rear end of the car and tune it, so it's feasable, just depends on the $$$ for the rear end rebuild.

  14. Should be another great event.:nice:

  15. Man I was really hoping you could make it too. Your car is sharp:nice:
  16. Will try to round up the Northenders.

    Hardly anyone up here anymore.

    This will be my 3rd year in a row with a different car, faster each time. :nice:
  17. Yeah I was planning to take the day off of work and go this year. Why not do it the weekend before, or stick with the original date?

  18. Having an event at a shop requires quite a bit. With the amount of cars that show up, Jeff has to clear out the shop which takes about a wk to have customers pick up their cars, etc. Also, Customers that already have appointments still need completion prior to May 13th. So its not an easy date to change or obtain for that matter. Parking lot needs to be cleaned, other shops need to be advised of the event cause Parking will take up other shops areas as well. We extended it to May for weather purposes.:flag:
  19. Can't wait Cory. Sounds like a first class event!:nice:
    Kerry, you bought a Roush? How about some pics.
  20. Had a BLAST last year !!!
    Truck the rain the burn offs was assume !!

    mums the word on what misha did in her Fox.............

    Looking FWD to driving down ther this year SINCE we NOW know how to get down there !!! LOL

    FYI we stayed in a SWEET Hotel for cheap in OR that night!

    Ask Tyler59 about the KILLER WHALES we saw at the Hotel !!