4th annual NW SN meet

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  1. Got it marked on the calender,missed last couple of years due to illness,see ya all there.:flag:
  2. Holy crap it's Charlie!
  3. I took the night of the 5th off work, Ill be there.... no paint yet, so she'll still be ugly, but we'll make it.

    :nice: :flag:
  4. sweet! you gonna come play with us at PIR on Friday night then? Its a heads up night...lots of fast cars should be there:nice:
  5. Since we're getting closer to the 6th I thought someone should post up what the weather should be like. As of today it looks like perfect weather!


    Damn thing keeps changing for the worse... But should still be good. The cars might not shine in the sun, but atleast for now they won't shine in the rain.
  6. Wow, that is going to be an awesome weekend to be driving the stang! I will be coming from Stanwood, Wa. I am new to :SNSign: and cannot wait to meet a lot of you! Being that I am also new to the show thing, is there anything I should know before hand?
  7. So looks like I'm gonna make it, hope my car does..
    Coming from warm and sunny southern Cali!
  8. Since no one has replyed......Welcome to :SNSign:
  9. Getting close!!!
  10. So who else is going from up North? I know the car club season opener is that weekend in Bremeton, and a lot of people are going for the double points.
  11. Man the weather forecasts keep changing. Preying the rain holds off till Sunday which is what the "current" updated forecast calls for.

    Big E, you gonna bring the Turbo Car?
  12. I won't have the cobra there, I had hoped to but the powers that be just wouldn't let it happen. the heads won't be finished until the 15th but at least everything is in Oregon now ;)

    I'll be there, probably in the wife's convertable.
  13. What time is it going to start this year ?
  14. Ten I believe....
  15. cory
    Is cool if i cruise down there for this aswell and do you still need the 327's

  16. Hell yeah Dean. Bring that Procharged Bullitt. Yes, PLEASE bring the 3.27's.

    Coming down for the day, or do you need a place to crash over night as well? Let me know.
  17. I don't think I can... I didn't get the car over to Jeff in time for the rear end re-seal. Dragracing on it would probably be pushing my luck juuuusst a bit to far. I am gonna hit him up about an apointment for (hopefully) next week, while were there though.
    I do have the 18th/19th off though, so if I can get in to see the two Jeffs before then, Ill be good to go.

    :flag: :nice:
  18. Thanks Bro, Dont think i'll be there that early though:nice:
  19. :scratch: :D
  20. Yes bring your Pinks to your car. Then prepare to run your car hard!